NGS vs 5th generation warfare (10)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 12, 2024

Darwin Day 2024 could celebrate the fact that Darwin presciently started with light-activated humidity dependent “conditions of life” and pattern recognition, which he mentioned 4 times in Chapter 4.

IF under changing conditions of life organic beings present individual differences in almost every part of their structure, and this cannot be disputed; if there be, owing to their geometrical rate of increase, a severe struggle for life at some age, season, or year, and this certainly cannot be disputed; then, considering the infinite complexity of the relations of all organic beings to each other and to their conditions of life, causing an infinite diversity in structure, constitution, and habits, to be advantageous to them, it would be a most extraordinary fact if no variations had ever occurred useful to each being’s own welfare, in the same manner as so many variations have occurred useful to man. But if variations useful to any organic being ever do occur, assuredly individuals thus characterised will have the best chance of being preserved in the struggle for life; and from the strong principle of inheritance, these will tend to produce offspring similarly characterised. This principle of preservation, or the survival of the fittest, I have called Natural Selection. It leads to the improvement of each creature in relation to its organic and inorganic conditions of life, and consequently, in most cases, to what must be regarded as an advance in organisation. Nevertheless, low and simple forms will long endure if well fitted for their simple conditions of life.

Compare the claims and propaganda from The Book of Animal Secrets 12/5/23 to the facts from The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality and Disrupting Cancer 12/7/14 via use of Patrick Soon-Shiong’s microtubule inhibitor, Paclitaxel.

The comparisons prove that all sections on scientific studies in The Book of Animal Secrets are incorrect. His book promotes moronic theories that have been eliminated by all intelligent serious scientists during the past 6-10,000 years via the focus on light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria and their pheromone-regulated physiology of reproduction.

See: “The findings confirm their earlier work suggesting that the majority of variants, including potentially harmful ones, were picked up during the past 5,000–10,000 years.” 11/28/12

For comparison, see:

Cancer specialist Dr. David Agus rewrote his new book after his collaborator admitted she plagiarized at least 95 passages. Dr. Agus apologizes, taking responsibility because his name is on the cover, and adds that none of his sections on scientific studies were lifted or incorrect. 12/4/23

He regurgitated claims from biologically uninformed theorists who failed to learn anything important about the energy-dependent Creation of stem cells, and how cell type differentiation linked their Creation to all biodiversity on Earth via the physiology of pheromone-regulated reproduction across kingdoms, and pattern recognition. It’s a form of recently discovered plagiarism reported in the “Los Angeles Times” as Giving Up the Ghostwriter 3/4/23 and reported in “Nature” as Fake research papers flagged by analysing authorship trends 2/7/24

“A new approach to detecting fraudulent paper-mill studies focuses on patterns of co-authors rather than manuscript text.”

The patterns are linked to obfuscation of energy-dependent biophysically constrained top-down quantum causation.

Reversible Control of RNA Splicing by Photoswitchable Small Molecules 6/14/23

Exploring N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modification in tree species: opportunities and challenges 12/29/23

System biology approaches to identify hub genes linked with ECM organization and inflammatory signaling pathways in schizophrenia pathogenesis 1/25/24

Understanding intercalative modulation of G-rich sequence folding: solution structure of a TINA-conjugated antiparallel DNA triplex 1/28/24

Tissue-specific profiling of age-dependent miRNAomic changes 2/1/24

Enzyme-free sensitive SERS biosensor for the detection of thalassemia-associated microRNA-210 using a cascade dual-signal amplification strategy 1/16/24 indexed 2/4/24


Sequential activity of CA1 hippocampal cells constitutes a temporal memory map for associative learning in mice 2/6/24

Agus links arginine to viral replication in jawless fish but failed to link achiral glycine in position 6 of the GnRH decapeptide to constraints on nutrient-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction: Darwin’s “conditions of life.”

Fixation of one or more amino acid substitutions in microtubules makes the difference between survival and extinction.

See: mirnas and glycine 347 results and mirnas and arginine 436 results

protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) is widely involved in the progression of various diseases,

protein arginine methyltransferases 7 (PRMT7) mRNA, which is the key player in regulating glycolysis and mitochondrial function

As critical splicing regulators, serine/arginine-rich splicing factors (SRSFs) play pivotal roles in carcinogenesis.

The splicing factors were linked to RNA-directed DNA methylation and protection from viruses in our 1996 review: From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior

“Small intranuclear proteins also participate in generating alternative splicing techniques of pre-mRNA and, by this mechanism, contribute to sexual differentiation in at least two species, Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans (Adler and Hajduk, 1994; de Bono, Zarkower, and Hodgkin, 1995; Ge, Zuo, and Manley, 1991; Green, 1991; Parkhurst and Meneely, 1994; Wilkins, 1995; Wolfner, 1988). That similar proteins perform functions in humans suggests the possibility that some human sex differences may arise from alternative splicings of otherwise identical genes.”

Facts from “Vibrations in Microtubules” (1997) link quantum coherence to coherently organized biology across kingdoms, and prevention of Toby Keith’s death (from gastric cancer) to Darwin’s “conditions of life” via 20 copies of p53 in cancer-free African elephants and:

“…the greater variability of species having wider ranges than of those with restricted ranges, lead to the conclusion that variability is generally related to the conditions of life to which each species has been exposed during several successive generations.”

“When a variation is of the slightest use to any being, we cannot tell how much to attribute to the accumulative action of natural selection, and how much to the definite action of the conditions of life.”

“Instances could be given of similar varieties being produced from the same species under external conditions of life as different as can well be conceived; and, on the other hand, of dissimilar varieties being produced under apparently the same external conditions. Again, innumerable instances are known to every naturalist, of species keeping true, or not varying at all, although living under the most opposite climates. Such considerations as these incline me to lay less weight on the direct action of the surrounding conditions, than on a tendency to vary, due to causes of which we are quite ignorant.”

Only the most ignorant of theorists have not learned how energy-dependent protein folding chemistry is linked to the pH-dependent “conditions of life.”

“By my theory these allied species are descended from a common parent; and during the process of modification, each has become adapted to the conditions of life of its own region, and has supplanted and exterminated its original parent-form and all the transitional varieties between its past and present states.”

Ask a moronic theorist how Darwin’s prescient claims about ecological adaptations to “conditions of life” were twisted into claims about mutation-driven evolution across billions to millions of years, when no experimental evidence and no model organisms suggest that is possible.

See also: Der Raupen Wunderbare Verwandelung und Sonderbare Blumennahrung (engl. The Wondrous Transformation of Caterpillars and their Remarkable Diet of Flowers) 1679 and the 2024 updates after 345 years:

Bmo-miR-3351 modulates glutathione content and inhibits BmNPV proliferation by targeting BmGSTe6 in Bombyx mori 1/22/24


Bmo-miR-6498-5p suppresses Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus infection by down-regulating BmPLPP2 to modulate pyridoxal phosphate content in B. mori 2/9/24

Alternatively, let the moronic theorists continue to cause more unnecessary suffering and premature deaths via their lack of situational awareness and ignorance of everything known to intelligent serious scientists about miRNAs and constraints on viruses (168,072 results), which include Altered expression of serum lncRNA CASC2 and miRNA-21-5p in COVID-19 patients 2/12/24

Remember when former President Donald J. Trump claimed that sunlight and humidity linked optimal nutrition to protection from coronavirus replication based on the facts from Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections 4/23/20? Who reported that he said to drink bleach? See: Medical experts rip Trump’s suggestion that sunlight, disinfectants may treat coronavirus 4/23/20

“The genesis of Trump’s remarks was [Biblical Genesis and] a Department of Homeland Security study that found the lifespan of the virus on a surface or in the air could be significantly reduced by exposure to sunlight, humidity and other factors. Trump invited a Homeland Security official to brief White House reporters about the study on Thursday.  

“Our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus, both on surfaces and in the air,” said Bill Bryan, an undersecretary of science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security.”

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