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Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution

See: Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (prequel) See for comparison: Our 2017 Annual Letter Warren Buffett’s Best Investment By Bill and Melinda Gates | February 14, 2017 Malnourished children can be getting enough calories, but not the right nutrients. That makes them more susceptible to conditions like pneumonia or diarrhea—and more likely to die from Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution

Total recall 6000 years (4)

K-Homology Type Splicing Regulatory Protein: Mechanism of Action in Cancer and Immune Disorders “…we provide an minireview of this important regulatory protein and describe its complex subcellular functions to affect RNA metabolism, stability, miRNA biogenesis and maturation, stress granule function, metastasis, and inflammatory processes.” The energy-dependent miRNA-mediated mechanisms of action link alternative splicings of pre-mRNA Total recall 6000 years (4)

Eugene Koonin refutes theistic evolution

MicroRNA-Based Combinatorial Cancer Therapy: Effects of MicroRNAs on the Efficacy of Anti-Cancer Therapies 12/20/19 The combination of miRNA-based therapy with other anti-cancer therapies (miRNA-based combinatorial cancer therapy) is attractive, due to the ability of miRNAs to target multiple genes associated with the signaling pathways controlling therapeutic resistance. In this article, we present an overview of Eugene Koonin refutes theistic evolution

Weaponized Health Communication (2)

Metabolic perturbations and cellular stress underpin susceptibility to symptomatic live-attenuated yellow fever infection  7/15/19 They link an attenuated virus in a yellow fever vaccine from induced effects on the endoplasmic reticulum and the innate immune response to the pathology common to other flaviviral illnesses via Nazi-like experiments on people in Cambodia. The Nazis, however, did Weaponized Health Communication (2)

Theorists: The biggest threat to national security (1)

All serious scientists know who has hijacked evidence-based medicine.  They have followed the money trail and found secular humanists and God-less Communists who have enough money to support pseudoscientists. The pseudoscientists will continue to cause unnecessary suffering and premature death rather than learn about energy-dependent biophysically constrained viral latency. Watch closely as the Trump Administration Theorists: The biggest threat to national security (1)

From quantum physics to quantum souls (3)

Conclusion: The quantized energy-dependent creation of microRNAs links the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight to food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled differences in all morphological and behavioral diversity via sympatric speciation. Food odors and pheromones biophysically constrain viral latency. …a spokesman told The Washington Post that the group had 20,000 members, including 1,000 veterans of the From quantum physics to quantum souls (3)