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Virus-driven energy theft and the fossil record?

A Post Mortem Case Study: Diffuse Pulmonary Ossification and Sudden Death Dystrophic pulmonary calcification is commonly caused by granulomatous disorders, viral infections, parasitic infections, amyloidosis, pulmonary vascular infections, coal worker’s pneumoconiosis and silicosis. Conclusion In conclusion, pulmonary ossification probably had some correlation with his sudden death. No discernible causes were found for this pulmonary disease Virus-driven energy theft and the fossil record?

Critical values expose virus-driven energy theft

Critical Values: is ASCP’s quarterly magazine with news and features covering trends of interest to pathologists and laboratory professionals alike. See for example: Attentive Clinical Laboratory Scientist Discovers First Human Case of Borrelia turicatae Critical Values spoke with technologist Dolli Lane, MLT(ASCP)CMCsCM, and the chief of the hematology section, Chris Boyd, MLT(ASCP)CM, about their findings. Critical values expose virus-driven energy theft

Virus-driven energy theft causes cancer

Three in four don’t know obesity causes cancer Excerpt: As well as general ignorance about obesity and cancer, the survey showed that more than three-quarters (78 per cent) of those asked didn’t know obesity was linked specifically to ovarian cancer. I’ve repeatedly been criticized for use of terms link biologically uninformed and/or science idiots – Virus-driven energy theft causes cancer

Virus-driven energy theft: honeybee model

The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses August 18, 2016 Similar to other co-evolving host—pathogen relationships, honey bee viruses have likely evolved mechanisms to overcome and/or evade bee immune responses. For example, several honey bee infecting Dicistroviruses (i.e., IAPV, KBV, and ABPV) encode a DvExNPGP motif at the 5′ terminus of their genomes, suggesting these honey Virus-driven energy theft: honeybee model

Virus-driven energy theft: definition?

The FB group antagonists at “Creationism” complain that I am the only one who uses the term “virus-driven energy theft.” They want a definition, and they demand that I tell them my religious beliefs. Young-earth creationist, or not? It’s one of the “False Flag” FB groups, where impersonators claim to be well-educated experts from different Virus-driven energy theft: definition?

Biogeochemical is geopolitical (6)

This takes the cake…. “Dr Ichim we hate you for filing patents” Have you ever heard a more ignorant statement? 8/6/23 Who made it? My claim is that you, and others like you, file patents for naturally occurring RNA interference (#RNAi). The patents — as you know — are illegal because they prevent scientific progress. Biogeochemical is geopolitical (6)

Patenting the sun (2)

Memorial Day 2023 From Patenting the sun (1) “For a 2021 update on biophysically constrained protein synthesis across kingdoms, see: Comparative mRNA and LncRNA Analysis of the Molecular Mechanisms Associated With Low Silk Production in Bombyx mori. The focus is on metamorphisis, which requires constrained viral latency throughout the life cycle that leads to the Patenting the sun (2)

Positive as a proton (4)

Later today, you can compare facts from “Visualizing the invisible machinery of life and death” to the pseudoscientific nonsense about “qualia” touted by Stuart Hameroff and his idiot minions (see below). For example see: Smear campaign’ at the crossroad of consciousness and spacetime geometry: Comment on “At the crossroad of the search for spontaneous radiation Positive as a proton (4)