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Bio-functional information

Peter Berean‘s attack on my model of energy as information led him to invent or re-introduce the term “Bio-Functional Information.” The comment from Greg Thurston (below) can be placed into the context of Schrodinger’s claims from “What is Life?” For instance, Schrodinger challenged de Vries definition of the term mutation with this entry: “Indeed, in Bio-functional information

Theorists sell hidden energy

Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News Learn to ask the right questions & tell captivating stories. I have rarely been asked a question by any journalist. For comparison, many theorists and antagonists claim my truthful answers are wrong. The fact that journalists don’t ask the right questions and the fact Theorists sell hidden energy

Energy-dependent chirality

See also: Achiral glycine Summary: Virus-driven energy theft alters the interactions between physics and chemistry that maintain biophysically constrained biodiversity. That’s how viruses are linked from mutations to all pathology. Nutrient energy-dependent changes in the context of the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction biophysically constrain biodiversity via the fixation of amino acid substitutions in supercoiled DNA, which Energy-dependent chirality

Energy-dependent alternative splicings 1996 – 2016 (2)

See also: Energy-dependent alternative splicings 1996 – 2016 Re: Rs3827760 is Val370Ala and EDARV370A No matter what it is called, Val370Ala may be the best example of how nutrient energy-dependent biophysically constrained pheromone-controlled viral latency protects all organisms from virus-driven energy theft and all pathology. For example, see: Genome recoding by tRNA modifications The succession Energy-dependent alternative splicings 1996 – 2016 (2)

More refutations of neo-Darwinian nonsense

New CRISPR–Cas systems from uncultivated microbes In bacteria, we discovered two previously unknown systems, CRISPR-CasX and CRISPR-CasY, which are among the most compact systems yet identified. Notably, all required functional components were identified by metagenomics, enabling validation of robust in vivo RNA-guided DNA interference activity in E. coli. Interrogation of environmental microbial communities combined with More refutations of neo-Darwinian nonsense

Dietary lutein and pheromone-controlled brain development

Parahippocampal Cortex Mediates the Relationship between Lutein and Crystallized Intelligence in Healthy, Older Adults Reported as: How Leafy Greens May Protect The Brain From Aging “As a neuroprotective nutrient, lutein may support structure and function in neural membranes, and ultimately may support the cognitive functions that rely upon these neural membranes,” Marta Zamroziewicz, a graduate Dietary lutein and pheromone-controlled brain development

Re-inventing mutation-driven evolution (2)

See: Re-inventing mutation-driven evolution See also: Temperature regulates splicing efficiency of the cold-inducible RNA-binding protein gene Cirbp … we suspected that splicing efficiency, as defined by the fraction of pre-mRNA converted into mature mRNA, must have contributed to temperature-dependent Cirbp mRNA accumulation Splicing efficiency is energy-dependent in the context of temperature-dependent oscillations that link the Re-inventing mutation-driven evolution (2)