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Cytosis in the light of evolution

In the Light of Evolution Excerpt 1 (with my emphasis) Evolutionary Biology bring together a collection of articles exploring how evolutionary principles applied across the spectrum of biology can shed light on a diverse range of topics from molecules to ecosystems, and with a particular emphasis on human genetics, interactions with the environment, and health Cytosis in the light of evolution

Cytosis: Gameplay Runthrough

For comparison: Neo-Darwinian theorists do not start with the ATP-dependent de novo creation of RNA and/or receptors. That is probably why the theorists do not know that cell type differentiation is energy-dependent (ATP-dependent). That fact means they may also not know that virus-driven energy theft causes the degradation of messenger RNA. That fact means they Cytosis: Gameplay Runthrough

Cytosis: Biology content (2)

Cytosis is a [energy-dependent] transport mechanism for the movement of large quantities of molecules into and out of cells. There are three main types of cytosis: endocytosis (into the cell), exocytosis (out of the cell), and transcytosis (through the cell, in and out). See also: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game 3/27/17 See also: Cytosis: Cytosis: Biology content (2)

Cytosis: Biology Content

  Help Me Write Some Biology Content Project Update #5: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game by John Coveyou (Genius Games) Many of you have mentioned that you’d like to have an explanation of the biology behind Cytosis available… and I think that is an AWESOME plan. Every time I’ve taught the game to non-science Cytosis: Biology Content

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses! 3/27/17 My comment: On March 24, 2017 this article was published in ‘Science.’ A conserved NAD+ binding pocket that regulates protein-protein interactions during aging The article linked Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

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Three recently indexed publications make the moronic claims of theorists appear to involve less intelligence than is required to link the Creation of subatomic particles to all energy-dependent biodiversity on Earth via this series of games for ages 8-14 plus. ION, Covalence, Subatomic, Periodic, Peptide, Virulence, Cytosis, Virus Expansion, Genotype, Ecosystem, and Cellulose: A Plant Biorealism (9)

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“The hedgehog signaling pathway links the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA) from the ‘devil in the dirt’ to gain of function, or to loss of function…”

The physics of existence (10)

mirnas More than 147,000 indexed published works link light-activated ATP-dependent changes in single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from the origin of life to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity across kingdoms. See: Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20 For examples of how quantum coherence is linked to coherently The physics of existence (10)