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Suicide: From phenotype to genotype (2)

See for comparison: Schrödinger at 75 – The Future of Biology – September 2018 . The conference starts tomorrow. See first: Suicide: From phenotype to genotype (1) In the context of biophysical constraints on cell type differentiation, the number of electrons or neutrons of any atom can vary but the number of protons determines the Suicide: From phenotype to genotype (2)

Suicide: From phenotype to genotype (1)

Summary: Light-activated microRNA biogenesis and all biophysically constrained viral latency is linked from the creation of the sun to all biodiversity via the fixation of amino acid substitutions in all cell types of all individuals of all living genera.Differences in SNP genotype distributions between complex and simple suicides …male victims of simple suicide were more Suicide: From phenotype to genotype (1)

Paired symbolism and suicide prevention (2)

Fatty-acid derivative acts as a sea lamprey migratory pheromone Reported as: Pinpointing a molecule for sea lamprey control …the pheromone bridges two distinct life stages and transmits through two different habitats, it holds a potential to disrupt adult sea lamprey as they try to reproduce. Species-specific pheromones also biophysically constrain all pathology during development. See: Paired symbolism and suicide prevention (2)

Paired symbolism and suicide prevention (3)

Assembling yeast chromosomes like Legos has a serious goal: safe lab-made creatures Boeke and his team had created yeast cells whose 16 chromosomes had been sequentially fused into two mega-chromosomes… …making one- and two-chromosome yeast (the species is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, used in winemaking, beer brewing, and baking) could advance GP-write. GP-write scientists such as Harvard’s Paired symbolism and suicide prevention (3)

Paired symbolism and suicide prevention

Excerpt: The epigenetic agent acetyl-l-carnitine (LAC) has rapid and enduring antidepressant-like effects in LAC-deficient rodents Examples of paired symbolism link the efforts of the United States Air Force to education of potential victims of suicide. US Veterans and Robin Williams need or needed more help than they got.   The symbol of the superimposed electron cloud Paired symbolism and suicide prevention

Can pheromones prevent suicide?

The quantized energy-dependent creation of ATP-synthase, ATP, and RNA links the creation of microRNAs and olfactory receptors to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity. See: Cytosis A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses! Formulation and evaluation of anti-suicidal nasal Can pheromones prevent suicide?

The Virus-Driven Suicide March for Science

Genetic analysis of α-synuclein 3′ untranslated region and its corresponding microRNAs in relation to Parkinson’s compared to dementia with Lewy bodies My summary: Genetic predispositions and energy-dependent microRNA biogenesis link top-down causation to the biophysically constrained transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of neuronal type-specific expression.  Energy-dependent variability in endogenous RNA interference and the SNCA gene contribute to The Virus-Driven Suicide March for Science

Biorealism (8)

A friend is featured in the News Observer 11/29/23 (Blue Ridge, GA) as one of our “Hometown Heroes” She’s a former paratrooper and combat medic who admits to trouble with PTSD, which some medical personnel know may be effectively treated with a nasal spray or glycine supplements that alter the miRNA-mRNA balance. See: Intranasal administration Biorealism (8)

Biorealism (2)

The American Legion Magazine divided us all on 9/29/20 by publishing “Separated we survive.“ “Putting these definitions together helps us recognize the two kinds of patriots in an America transformed by COVID-19. Let’s call them “public-health patriots” and “individual-liberty patriots.” Let’s tell the truth “For God and Country.” There are no “public health patriots.” The Biorealism (2)