Cytosis: Gameplay Runthrough

For comparison: Neo-Darwinian theorists do not start with the ATP-dependent de novo creation of RNA and/or receptors. That is probably why the theorists do not know that cell type differentiation is energy-dependent (ATP-dependent). That fact means they may also not know that virus-driven energy theft causes the degradation of messenger RNA. That fact means they cannot link mutations to all pathology. That fact means the silly theorists have not updated their knowledge base since 1964. They’ve played the “evolution” game,…

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Cytosis: Biology content (2)

Cytosis is a [energy-dependent] transport mechanism for the movement of large quantities of molecules into and out of cells. There are three main types of cytosis: endocytosis (into the cell), exocytosis (out of the cell), and transcytosis (through the cell, in and out). See also: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game 3/27/17 See also: Cytosis: Biology Content 4/4/17 Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game  4/12/17 A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones…

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Virus-driven dietary pathology (2)

See: Virus-driven dietary pathology (1) Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor We show here for the first time the crucial role of viruses in controlling archaeal dynamics and therefore the functioning of deep-sea ecosystems, and suggest that virus-archaea interactions play a central role in global biogeochemical cycles. Bacteria that cannot find enough food become archaea due to virus-driven energy theft. That fact was placed into the context of “..a possible link between viral infections and chemoautotrophic production in the…

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