Energy-as-information & the aurora borealis (10)

Scientists spot more Milky Way-like galaxies in early universe, advancing our understanding of how galaxies were formed 6/11/24 Re: “Knowing when spiral galaxies formed in the universe has been a popular question in astronomy because it helps us understand the evolution and history of the cosmos,” Knowing that God’s Creation of galaxies and energy-dependent life Energy-as-information & the aurora borealis (10)

Energy-as-information & the aurora borealis (3)

See first: Energy-as-information & the aurora borealis (2) “The physical and evolutionary energy landscapes of devolved protein sequences corresponding to pseudogenes 5/13/24. It was reported as Study reveals insights into protein evolution“ Changes in proteins are energy-dependent and biophysically constrained by the physiology of pheromone-regulated reproduction. Researchers who make claims about protein evolution are biologically Energy-as-information & the aurora borealis (3)

Pea protein, p53 and cancer prevention (7)

Organ-delimited gene regulatory networks provide high accuracy in candidate transcription factor selection across diverse processes 4/23/24 “Coherence of interactions across development, growth, and treatment variations. In plants, numerous studies (2) have focused on the inference of GRNs from gene expression data.” Reported as: Research team develops fast-track process for genetic improvement of plant traits 5/6/24 Pea protein, p53 and cancer prevention (7)

Pea protein, p53 and cancer prevention (2)

RNA-binding proteins and exoribonucleases modulating miRNA in cancer: the enemy within 5/1/24 “…microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis and the miRNA processing machinery has revealed previously unknown roles of posttranscriptional regulation in gene expression.” In 2012, at the SFN annual meeting in New Orleans, I learned that everything that happens to every cell in every tissue of every Pea protein, p53 and cancer prevention (2)

The bioweapons cartel (10)

See: Generalized biomolecular modeling and design with RoseTTAFold All-Atom” 4/19/24 in Science Magazine’s issue Designed to bind. Link ‘”A gene mutation tied to exploratory behavior may have jump-started the evolution of hundreds of cichlid species” from Did bold fish spark Lake Tanganyika’s diversity? to Science Magazine’s issue Born to Explore 4/26/24 Compare the facts about The bioweapons cartel (10)

The bioweapons cartel (7)

Phylogenomics and the rise of the angiosperms 4/24/24 was reported in Science Magazine as “The most comprehensive look at genetic differences among flowering plants suggests ancient interbreeding confounded relationships between dogwoods and blueberries, among others” 4/24/24 Rather than link the facts from Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20 The bioweapons cartel (7)

The bioweapons cartel (5)

4/18/24 marks the one year anniversary of Alexandra Henrion Caude ‘s presentation of her book, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentices” 5/11/23 to the European Union Parliament. She supported the claims in Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections 4/23/20, which President Trump reported that day in the The bioweapons cartel (5)

The bioweapons cartel (4)

From The bioweapons (3) If you have not linked Transcriptional regulation and post-translational modifications in the glycolytic pathway for targeted cancer therapy 4/15/24 to constraints on all virus-driven pathology across kingdoms, see SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 subunit inhibits p53 activation of p21(WAF1), TRAIL Death Receptor DR5 and MDM2 proteins in cancer cells 4/15/24 Moving forward: Expression The bioweapons cartel (4)

The bioweapons cartel (2)

See: The bioweapons cartel (1) It’s been about a month since I first mentioned the bioweapons cartel. There are now more than 170,000 indexed published works that link miRNAs from biophysically constrained protein folding chemistry to viral latency across kingdoms via model organisms from C. elegans to cancer-free African elephants. Moving forward: Bioterrorism is terrorism The bioweapons cartel (2)