MicroRNA biogenesis

NGS vs 5th generation warfare (6)

Re: θ-Nanopore Ratiometry 1/24/24 They claim their experimental evidence links measurements of cytosolic miRNA-10b to “…the extant armory of nanotools for single-cell studies and beyond.” The article is paywalled, and I won’t look into this further because Ben Feringa linked the extant armory from the light-activated weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum in P. fluorescens NGS vs 5th generation warfare (6)

Not necessary. Not safe. Not effective (7)

Next generation sequencing links energy-dependent fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules to protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA) that detrimentally alters the miRNA-mRNA balance. The detrimental alterations have been linked to all virus-driven pathology in more than 166,740 indexed publications that mention miRNAs. For comparison, food energy-dependent pheromone regulated differences in Not necessary. Not safe. Not effective (7)

Not necessary. Not safe. Not effective (5)

See first: Not necessary. Not safe. Not effective (4) Alternatively, see: Public Health Impact of Paxlovid as Treatment for COVID-19, United States (early release 1/5/24) “In a low-transmission scenario… this approach could… save US $56.95 billion (95% CI US $2.62-$122.63 billion). In a higher transmission scenario…US $170.17 billion (95% CI US $60.49-$286.14 billion). Our findings Not necessary. Not safe. Not effective (5)

miRNA-mediated predictions (10)

From 1/2/24 “166,379 results from extant publications are not likely to cause intelligent serious scientists to agree to disagree with biologically uninformed science idiots. Watch for more experimental evidence to support the claims made by George FR Ellis that will force theorists to start with model organisms.” See also: Whaley KB 67 results. For example miRNA-mediated predictions (10)

miRNA-mediated preditions (7)

Welcome to 2024, the year that all moronic theories will be eliminated by facts about God’s Creation of sunlight, humidity and oxygen-dependent life via the ATP-dependent miRNA-mediated differentiation of cell types across kingdoms. The facts are considered by intelligent serious scientists only in the context of the energy-dependent Creation of nucleic acids and miRNA-mediated ribonucleic miRNA-mediated preditions (7)

Minimal level of conflict (10)

Don’t die with heart disease. “Making Sense of Smell” 10/1/13 & “Rebranding Mitochondria” 12/4/23 link God’s Creation of the electron transport chain at the origin of life from the ATP-dependent Creation of RNA in regulatory T cells to healthy longevity across kingdoms via sunlight, humidity, Trump’s 4/23/20 claim about weakened COVID19 & Ago2 Protects Against Minimal level of conflict (10)

Minimal level of conflict (7)

mirnas 165,994 results Before Christmas Eve, you will be able to view claims from 166,000+ publications that link God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity from light-activated microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis in cyanobacteria (pond scum) to pH-dependent fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules, which biophysically constrain virus-driven pathology across kingdoms. You can also link ~3500 blog Minimal level of conflict (7)

Minimal level of conflict (6)

See first: Minimal level of conflict (5) “…miR482f and miR482c-5p can promote an anti-inflammatory gene expression profile in human macrophages in vitro and their bioavailability in humans can be achieved through diet, but eventually restricted at the gut level.” The publication history of Carlo M. Croce, and publications from all other intelligent serious scientists, attest Minimal level of conflict (6)