RNA-directed DNA methylation

Nutrient-dependent life vs virus-driven pathology

Young Earth Creationists killing Christian credibility? Perry Marshall says: March 19, 2016 at 10:04 am James, you are one step away from being banned because of your disingenuous comments, your accusations, and your unnecessary combativeness. I am getting tired of it. People accuse you of being a troll for a reason. This is your final warning. My comment: Thanks for the warning, Perry Marshall. People who do not like me to disseminate accurate information about biologically-based cause and effect accuse…

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Selective reporting of inferences: examples of pseudoscience

In the narrative of this presentation on RNA mediated molecular epigenetics and virus driven entropy, I mentioned that Cori Bargmann is scheduled to deliver a lecture entitled “Genes, neurons, circuits and behavior: an integrated approach in a compact brain.” An integrated approach will help others understand what is currently known about how ecological variation leads to ecological adaptation. Works, like hers, with the nematode model organism will help others understand how ecological adaptation leads to biodiversity in the morphological phenotypes…

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Ignore the evidence: Rachel Feltman

“There is incontrovertible evidence that Alzheimer’s Disease has a dormant microbial component. We can’t keep ignoring all of the evidence” –Professor Douglas Kell, Manchester University Experts Say There’s a Herpes-Alzheimer’s Link Excerpt: …herpes has been linked to damage in the central nervous system and the limbic system, which is associated with mental decline and personality changes, the Telegraph reported. The experts called for a deeper investigation into the connection. Calm down: Herpes probably isn’t going to give you Alzheimer’s Excerpt:…

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Energy-dependent purpose vs teleophobic telorexia

I’m not getting any responses to an attempt to discuss  On epigenetics: We are not just our DNA. That suggests I should use the claims and my attempt to discuss them in a blog post. If no one else wants to discuss the links from atoms to ecosystems in the diagram above, at least there will be a record to show they ignored them, again. James V. Kohl March 11, 2016 at 9:55 am Thanks for reporting on the symposium…

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Virus-driven disorder prevention and health promotion

The dynamic epigenome and its implications for behavioral interventions: a role for epigenetics to inform disorder prevention and health promotion Excerpt: Evidence has also been growing about the role of epigenetic modification in response to the social environment. My comment: Unexpectedly, Szyf et al., (2016) fail to mention all the evidence of epigenetically-effected RNA-mediated cause and effect that has accumulated since we published our 1996 Hormones and Behavior review. That may explain why they also failed to link energy-dependent hydrogen-atom…

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Jay R. Feierman: twenty years of antagonism

Jay R. Feierman began his antagonism when we first met. At a poster presentation during a prestigious conference in 1995, I detailed all the aspects of my mammalian model. He asked “What about birds?” He is the”bird-watching” moderator of the International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE) yahoo group who banned me from participation last year when I failed to answer a “yes” or “no” question about the role of RNA in cell type differentiation. Since then, his attacks on my…

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Energy dependent RNA-mediated immunity (6)

Alzheimer’s disease could be caused by herpes virus, warn experts Excerpt: Professor Douglas Kell of the University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry, said “We are saying there is incontrovertible evidence that Alzheimer’s Disease has a dormant microbial component. We can’t keep ignoring all of the evidence.” My comment: What evidence? Microbes and Alzheimer’s Disease is still listed as an in-press publication. Perhaps they are telling others to stop ignoring all my evidence. See for example: Energy dependent RNA-mediated immunity (2)…

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Do not miss the misrepresentations

PLOS Biology ICYMI: February’s Five January 25, 2016 Reported as 1) “… they hypothesise short bursts of rapid species diversification, such as after the famous mass extinction event…” January 11, 2016 Reported as 2) “…a newly identified protein, Wuho (WH), regulates the activity of FEN1 when around a replication fork, ensuring it does more good acting as a flap endonuclease than damage as a gap endonuclease.” January 7, 2016 Reported as 3) “Exosomes Protect and Perpetuate Chemical Attractants” February 12,…

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Energy dependent RNA-mediated immunity (5)

Manfred Eigen (born May 9, 1927) is a German biophysical chemist who won the 1967 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work on measuring fast chemical reactions. People are still touting his neo-Darwinian nonsense nearly 50 years later. It sometimes seems that nothing is known to the pseudoscientists about how the RNA-mediated innate immune system links nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated DNA repair to supercoiled DNA and  protection against virus-driven entropy. Supercoiled DNA links ecological variation to ecological adaptation and transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in…

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Energy dependent RNA-mediated immunity (3)

Viral ‘fossils’ in our DNA may help us fight infection Excerpt: The work suggests that these viral fossils probably played a key role in the evolution of our species… My comment: The work shows that Greg Bear accurately portrayed virus-driven energy theft when he linked it to the creation of new species. In 1999 and 2003, he linked what is now known about the anti-entropic effects of sunlight and hydrogen-energy transfer in DNA base pairs in solution to the creation…

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