RNA–Mediated Epigenetic Heredity

Life and death predicted by DNA methylation

The bounce rate here has more than doubled  (from 20% to 44%) during the past week at the same reports continue to support all the claims I have made about RNA-mediated cell type differentiation. Obviously, pseudoscientists are not willing to examine any evidence of biologically-based cause and effect that refutes their ridiculous claims about mutations and evolution. For comparison, serious scientists will want to read this: See: DNA methylation age is associated with mortality in a longitudinal Danish twin study…

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Organization of biological sequences

The organization of biological sequences into constrained and unconstrained parts determines fundamental properties of genotype–phenotype maps Excerpt: Biological evolution is characterized by the inheritance, mutation and translation of biological information. My comment: Genome organization is nutrient-dependent and controlled by the physiology of reproduction in all living genera. Nutrient-dependent RNA mediated gene duplication and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions link RNA-mediated protein folding  chemistry from supercoiled DNA to protection against virus driven genomic entropy via the physiology of reproduction. Virus-driven genomic entropy…

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Plasma created by sunlight and RNA–mediated epigenetic heredity

Australian student confirms that giant plasma tubes are floating above Earth Excerpt: The region of space around the Earth occupied by its magnetic field, called the magnetosphere, is filled with plasma created by the atmosphere being ionised by sunlight. My comment: Scientists have believed in the creation of these structures for more than 60 years. Now visual evidence confirms structures exist that are created by sunlight on contact with the Earth’s atmosphere. This reminds me of what someone who was…

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Are mutations beneficial?

Researchers develop non-invasive method to detect tumor-causing mutations in saliva Excerpt: “…a multiplexible electrochemical sensor uses electrode chips to enable vesicular entities in saliva called exosomes to rapidly release molecular constituents (DNA, RNA and proteins) while simultaneously detecting any mutations in tumor-causing DNA sequences. The total detection time is less than 10 minutes and required a small saliva sample.” My comment: This news about multiplexing attests to the complexity of systems biology, which links amino acid substitutions to mutated DNA…

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