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Biochemical is geopolitical (10)

The “perfect storm” of facts continues to be reported in the “science” news, and from all mass media outlets. The facts are disconnected to help ensure social media censorship continues to control the ignorant masses. Control requires the masses to ignore the facts that McEwen et al., (1964) and Dobzhansky (1964) reported, when they linked Biochemical is geopolitical (10)

Pheromone-regulated genetic processes (7)

Association of War Zone–Related Stress With Alterations in Limbic Gray Matter Microstructure 9/16/22 was reported as War-zone related stress may lead to changes in the microstructure of the brain 9/20/22. Deciphering multi-way interactions in the human genome 9/20/22 was reported as 9/20/22 Mathematics enable scientists to understand organization within a cell’s nucleus. If you’ve followed Pheromone-regulated genetic processes (7)

Darwin Day 2020: More Pseudoscience than ever

Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump 2/10/20 To anyone with a conscience, Trump is both lewd and prurient, a man whose life has involved adultery, misogyny, racial insensitivity, vainglory, profanity, deceit, sexual aggression, divorce, fornication, casinos, and porn. Religious conservatives should not accept these vices, but rather denounce them. The balanced response for Darwin Day 2020: More Pseudoscience than ever

The tipping point (revisited): 97K (2)

More than 504 publications added on microRNAs during the past 10 days include some of the following details. Characteristic Dissection of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Responsive MicroRNAs in Rice MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are crucial player in plant-pathogen interaction. If you ignore the fact that light-activated microRNA biogenesis biophysically constrains viral latency, you will fail to link The tipping point (revisited): 97K (2)

MicroRNA-mediated healthy longevity (1)

1/9/20 Selected additions from my PubMed search for: microRNA Too many additions link energy-dependent changes in microRNA biogenesis from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to cancer. See for example: GALE Promotes the Proliferation and Migration of Glioblastoma Cells and Is Regulated by miR-let-7i-5p Epidemiological evidence for associations between variants in microRNA or biosynthesis genes MicroRNA-mediated healthy longevity (1)

Light-activated PTEN-dependent viral latency (1)

See: Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964) The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent. The energy required for biophysically constrained oxidative phosphorylation, viral latency, and cell type differentiation comes from food. Amusing anecdote (for polymaths): See: PTEN Light-activated PTEN-dependent viral latency (1)

The end of theistic evolution (1)

Neanderthals likely introduced modern humans to dangerous viruses. But they also provided genetic defenses, through interbreeding. “It’s like they brought the knife, but they also brought the shield,” Dmitri Petrov says. 10/4/18 No experimental evidence of biologically based cause and effect supports any explanation for protection from viruses that does not start with the Creation The end of theistic evolution (1)

Light-activated chemogenetic kinetics (1)

Hydrophobic catalysis and a potential biological role of DNA unstacking induced by environment effects 8/14/19 …hydrophobic interactions may have catalytic roles also in other biological contexts, such as in polymerases. Reported as: DNA is held together by hydrophobic forces 9/23/19 Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, disprove the prevailing theory of how DNA binds Light-activated chemogenetic kinetics (1)

Life and light-sucking black holes (1)

From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996) We linked energy-dependent RNA-mediated cell type differentiation to all biodiversity via the physiology of reproduction in the molecular epigenetics section of this review. A consensus of serious scientists established the fact that all the energy comes from sunlight. For comparison, a team of pseudoscientists produced an imaginary image Life and light-sucking black holes (1)

Kohl and Francoeur at 25 (2)

3/27/19 Update on politicized science: Most Russians probably already know that the the light-activated creation of microRNAs links the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction to protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA that links mutations to all diseases. See: Pheromonal Regulation of Genetic Processes: Research on the House Mouse (Mus musculus L.) (1994) and the Kohl and Francoeur at 25 (2)