The devil is in the dirt (5)

Twitterfiles summary to date: They excluded everything known about miRNAs/microRNAs/miRs Next week the summary will be linked to prosecution, or to more examples of how corrupt officials have immunized themselves against social justice during the past 3 years. Note: miRNAs, microRNAs and miRs are terms that are interchangeable. Search PubMed for details on biophysically constrained The devil is in the dirt (5)

The tipping point (revisited): 120K

It’s been one year since I posted The microRNA-mediated future of humanity (10) 5/10/20 to this blog site. See also: The tipping point (revisited): 115K 2/4/21 There are now more than 120,000 indexed published articles that link the light-activated fixation of carbon to the patented cure for all virus-driven diseases via isoform switching / alternative The tipping point (revisited): 120K

2020 National Vaccine Plan (2)

2020 National Vaccine Plan (1) Virus-driven vaccine-linked dystopia caused nearly 28000 attendees at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience to scurry about like ants or ‘fly’ around the poster conference hall trying to defend their ridiculous theories as if they were honeybees with no peptide pheromones from their queen to guide their 2020 National Vaccine Plan (2)

Lewis Thomas (revisited): 90K (7)

Epigenetic effects on the light-activated microRNA-mediated creation of enzymes, hormones, and receptors et al., affect the behavior of all living genera. See: Pheromones and Nutritional Signals Regulate the Developmental Reliance on let-7 Family MicroRNAs in C. elegans 5/16/19   …pheromones correct heterochronic developmental cell lineage defects…” The link to food energy-dependent biophysically constrained sympatric speciation Lewis Thomas (revisited): 90K (7)

The tipping point (revisited): 89K (5)

Dynamic control of chirality and self-assembly of double-stranded helicates with light (2016) links light-activated microRNA biogenesis from the creation of the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy to RNA-mediated biophysically constrained viral latency via RNA interference. See: Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964) The tipping point (revisited): 89K (5)

The tipping point (revisited): 84,000 publications (3)

See: The tipping point (revisited): 84,000 publications (2) Re: I’m telling you what testing to order. You’re telling people about gun control. For comparison, most science journalists also could care less about proper testing. That causes them to promote ridiculous theories. See: John Hewitt The vibrational theory of olfaction for the win (2017) …an intrinsic The tipping point (revisited): 84,000 publications (3)

Are Kavanaugh’s accusers terrorists?

Summary: Christine Blasey Ford appears to be a Stanford-based pseudoscientist. See for comparison also: Viruses are a dominant driver of protein adaptation in mammals from Stanford-based serious scientists …viruses have driven close to 30% of all adaptive amino acid changes in the part of the human proteome conserved within mammals. and MicroRNAs: regulators of neuronal Are Kavanaugh’s accusers terrorists?