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Perfuming the Mind is a site dedicated to the cross-discipline examination of pheromone research. James V. Kohl explores the topic of pheromones from almost every viewpoint. As a scientist himself, James is passionate about explaining the power of pheromones while taking into account modern knowledge from all scientific disciplines.


Both of these websites are linked to sales of Kohl’s commercial products and sales of other human pheromone-enhanced products. See our testimonials and try our Scent of Eros product line!

  • What Darwin proved: there’s no such thing as a species
    GENETICS As Animals Mingle, a Baffling Genetic Barrier A short stretch of DNA is challenging what it means to be a species. By: Emily Singer August 5, 2014 Excerpt: “Scientists have dubbed such regions of the genome “islands of speciation.” The persistence of such islands is a phenomenon that has been observed in a variety of […]
  • Randomness and Divine Providence
    A Q&A on randomness and God’s providence …the main goal is to really put together a collection of scholarly studies of these issues: physicists, biologists, […]
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