Evolution at work: Even yeast mothers sacrifice all for their babies November 8, 2012

The Science magazine article makes it clearer that mitochondrial-to-cell size ratio is relatively constant in HeLa cells and in two yeast species during germ tube formation.

This links reproduction by fission in yeasts to the advent of sexual reproduction in yeasts via the same nutrient chemical-dependent molecular mechanisms that are important to cancer research (e.g., glucose-dependent and social regulation of mammalian gonadotropin releasing hormone and its downstream effects on everything else in species from microbes to man.

Of course, “everything” includes sex differences in different cancer types and in different incidence rates of genetically predisposed epigenetically-effected neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s disease at a time when the role of human pheromones is largely ignored.  But, that’s life and death in a world of ignorance where foolish claims are made that random mutations cause adaptive evolution.

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