The Endospore-Forming Pathogen Bacillus cereus Exploits a Small Colony Variant-Based Diversification Strategy in Response to Aminoglycoside Exposure


Thus, consideration of SCVs as a new, yet unexplored lifestyle of B. cereus within the common ecological niches, in which antibiotic-active substances produced by competitive microorganisms, plants, and invertebrate/vertebrate vectors might potentially also induce this persistent life-form of B. cereus, opens a panoply of research questions to be followed up.

Reported as:

Lifestyle switching – Bacillus cereus is able to resist certain antibiotic therapies


This newly discovered mechanism may provide an alternative explanation for antibiotic resistance.

My comment: They report the conserved molecular mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene duplication and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions that link nutrient-dependent changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance from adhesion proteins to the supercoiled DNA. Supercoiled DNA protects all organized genome from virus-driven entropy in the context of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance linked from NORAD to ecological, social, neurogenic, and socio-cognitive niche construction via the the events we detailed in the molecular epigenetics section of our 1996 Hormones and Behavior review.

Neo-Darwinian ideas about mutation-driven evolution have again been replaced by experimental evidence of biologically-based cause and effect. This evidence, like all other experimental evidence that link atoms to ecosystems via nutrient-dependent thermodynamic cycles of protein biosynthesis and degradation, adds another layer of arguments to those that should by now have eliminated all assumptions about evolution from discussion among all scientists.

The fact that pseudoscientists seem relatively uninterested in examining experimental evidence like this, allows them to first be placed into the category of those who are biologically uninformed before categorizing them as biologically uninformed science idiots when they refuse to admit what experimental evidence of biologically-based cause and effect consistently has proved.

It proves that protected populations of neo-Darwinian theorists living in academia are among the most ignorant of all human populations that have ever existed, which is why all theorists are becoming extinct.

For example, the news article explains the development of an Environmental niche to cope with stress. Niche construction is fine-tuned by chemical gradients that must be sensed, and the secretion of nutrient-dependent signals to others so that the communication of information — lots of communication, and lots of information — links niche construction to survival of all species via their innate ability to adapt by making the right choices. The experiments of Richard Lenski, for comparison, link survival of different strains of bacteria to mutations and evolution.

See for instance: The Man Who Bottled Evolution

See for comparison: A Cellular System for Spatial Signal Decoding in Chemical Gradients and Noncoding RNA –NORAD– Regulates Genomic Stability by Sequestering PUMILIO Proteins.

Note however, NORAD in the context of RNA-mediated strategic cellular defense is not rocket science. Hopefully, neo-Darwinian theorists will not link it to the Cuban Missile Crisis and dismiss it as if the threat of antibiotic resistance was not the one that could readily lead to the extinction of all serious scientists — and everyone else on this planet. But, if it seems to be too late for you to challenge a theorist, nevermind. You’re probably right; they may have doomed us all to death by evolutionary theory.



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