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Church Speaks:

The cyanobacteria fix [carbon via] light…Under ideal circumstances, they can be maybe seven to ten times more productive per photon.”

George M. Church et al patented this naturally occurring process. On 5/12/21, I was pleasantly surprised to see the facts represented in this trail-side placard at Canyonlands National Park. The facts make this patent worthless: RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering

See why:

Light-activated binding together of sand and other soil particles links biophysically constrained viral latency to healthy longevity across kingdoms via effects on cyanobacteria.

George M. Church starts to end his obfuscation of facts in A New Gene Editing Tool Could Rival CRISPR, and Makes Millions of Edits at Once 

…our DNA exists in double helices that are tightly wrapped into 23 bundles, called chromosomes…

Thomas Hunt Morgan linked food energy-dependent constraints on the pheromone-regulated genetic processes of viral latency to sympatric speciation in 1910. The facts, which George M. Church has been forced to begin presenting, were placed into the context of this game for age 14+



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