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Is nutrition the future of brain health?


Steindler’s focus on the link between nutrition and neurodegenerative diseases is unique in the field.

My comment: If he has limited his claims to those associated only with neurodegenerative diseases, his focus is too narrow. Unfortunately, narrow focus is common among specialists. Their focus makes them specialists, and without them generalists could not connect the specialties to healthy longevity and/or pathology. Not just brain health or pathology, all nutrient-dependent health and all virus-driven pathology. Specialist like Steindler must link their focus on nutrition from RNA-mediated gene duplication and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to the stability of organized genomes in all living genera.

Biologists discover bacteria communicate like neurons in the brain


Just like the neurons in our brain, we found that bacteria use ion channels to communicate with each other through electrical signals,” said Süel. “In this way, the community of bacteria within biofilms appears to function much like a ‘microbial brain’.

My comment: The obvious link from ecological variation and either nutrient stress or social stress to pathology is virus perturbed protein folding, which can be placed into the context of mutations and pathology but not into the context of RNA-mediated events that link nutrients and controlled social stress to healthy longevity in all living genera.

See also: Application of an RNA amplification method for reliable single-cell transcriptome analysis.

My comment: In the established context of my detailed model and all current representations of biologically-based cause and effect, Steindler’s group seems to be only a few steps away from linking the proliferation of viruses and accumulation of viral microRNAs to genomic entropy that is prevented by nutrient-dependent microRNAs and the conserved molecular mechanisms that link the nutrient-dependent physiology of reproduction to DNA repair via RNA-mediated gene duplication and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions in all cell types of all individuals of all living genera.

DNA repair is manifested in the morphological and behavioral phenotypes of different species. Fortunately, evolutionary theorists have now begun to realize their neo-Darwinian approach to the gene-centric practice of medicine has caused millions of deaths.


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