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A Message From J.V.Kohl:

Here you will find information that links physics, chemistry, and molecular epigenetics via RNA-mediated events such as the de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes in order to encourage a public discussion of a paradigm shift.

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No excuses: Creation and the meaning of organismal complexity

E.O. Wilson On ‘The Meaning Of Human Existence’ Excerpt: “We’re one species — glorious though we are — we are just one species out of an estimated eight million,” Wilson said. “At the present time, we only know almost exactly two million species — enough to give them a scientific name. Six million species are out there, maintaining the planet for us as an autonomous ecosystem and stabilization system. Book Excerpt: ‘The Meaning of Human Existence’ “Six million species are…

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Nutrient-dependent gene duplication in plants (but not animals?)

Divergence of Gene Body DNA Methylation and Evolution of Plant Duplicate Genes Excerpt 1) “A recent study demonstrated that the DNA methylation in promoter may play a significant role for functional divergence of duplicated genes in human [48].” Excerpt 1 from the cited work [48]: “For 73% of gene pairs, one copy is always hypomethylated compared with the other. This refutes the idea that [RNA-directed] DNA methylation of genes is strictly determined in a tissue-by-tissue manner and indicates the presence…

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Evolutionary theorists justify fear of the Ebola viruses

Scientists Rein In Fears of Ebola, a Virus Whose Mysteries Tend to Invite Speculation By CARL ZIMMER OCT. 13, 2014 Excerpt: “Pardis C. Sabeti, a geneticist at Harvard, and her colleagues have analyzed the genomes of Ebola viruses isolated from patients in Sierra Leone to reconstruct the history of the current outbreak. Their research indicates it was the result of a single infection, probably last December. Since then, the viruses have acquired new mutations as they have spread from person…

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Evolutionary theorists and evolutionary theists live under rocks

CRISPR/Cas: Not Just for DNA Anymore Excerpt 1) “Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, you’ve heard of CRISPR/Cas9, an RNA-guided nuclease that’s redefining synthetic biology and genome engineering.” Excerpt 2) “The authors propose several additional applications as well, including… altering pre-mRNA splicing, and transcript tracking in live cells.” My comment: Are you an evolutionary theorist or evolutionary theist who has continued to ignore everything known about RNA-mediated events that link nutrient-uptake to altered pre-mRNA splicing…

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No understanding of biodiversity

No single explanation for biodiversity in Madagascar Excerpt: “The study is part of a larger body of research aimed at identifying the climate, geology and other features of the environment that help bring new species of plants and animals into being in an area, and then sustain once they’re there.” My comment: Like many studies, this one posits that new species automagically arise and are somehow sustained in ecological niches. Excerpt: “What governs the distribution of, say, a particular group of…

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Understanding physical forces of ecological variation and adaptation

Discovery of new subatomic particle, type of meson, to ‘transform’ understanding of fundamental force of nature   Excerpt: “Because the Ds3*(2860)ˉ particle contains a heavy charm quark it is easier for theorists to calculate its properties. And because it has spin 3, there can be no ambiguity about what the particle is,” adds Professor Gershon. “Therefore it provides a benchmark for future theoretical calculations. Improvements in these calculations will transform our understanding of how nuclei are bound together.” My comment:…

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Eliminating evolutionary theory

Does evolutionary theory need a rethink? Excerpt 1) “…the theory neglects key processes, say Kevin Laland and colleagues.” My comment: “Olfaction and odor receptors provide a clear evolutionary trail that can be followed from unicellular organisms to insects to humans (Keller et al., 2007; Kohl, 2007; Villarreal, 2009; Vosshall, Wong, & Axel, 2000).” — Human pheromones and food odors: epigenetic influences on the socioaffective nature of evolved behaviors. (2012) Excerpt 2) “Theory accommodates evidence through relentless synthesis…” My comment: “An…

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Behavioral ecology: please continue to believe in our fantasies

Behavioral ecology and genomics: new directions, or just a more detailed map? Excerpt 1): “Transcriptome sequencing, often called RNAseq, both sequences and quantifies the portions of the genome being transcribed under conditions of interest (Wang et al. 2009; De Wit et al. 2012). Such information can be used to identify differentially expressed genes and the mutations underlying variation in gene expression and can lead to the identification of functionally important genes or suites of genes that function together (“modules”) to…

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2014 and 2004 Nobel Prize in Medicine

2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine is Awarded for Discovery of Brain’s ‘Inner GPS’ Excerpt: “… gray lines show the path followed by a rat as it moves around a box looking for pieces of food.” 2014 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for finding brain’s ‘you are here’ cells Excerpt: John Stein, professor of physiology at Oxford University, said: “This is great news and well deserved. I remember how great was the scoffing in the early 1970s when John first…

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RNA-mediated events: chromosomal rearrangements and genomic rearrangements

The Architecture of a Scrambled Genome Reveals Massive Levels of Genomic Rearrangement during Development Excerpt: “Genome-wide DNA rearrangements are most exaggerated in ciliates, particularly in the model organism Oxytricha trifallax, which programs not only DNA deletion, but also total reorganization, through RNA-mediated events (Fang et al., 2012; Nowacki et al., 2008). ” My comment: The RNA-mediated events that lead to DNA rearrangements were reported as: In one of nature’s innovations, a single cell smashes and rebuilds its own genome Excerpt:…

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