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A Message From J.V.Kohl:

Here you will find information that links physics, chemistry, and molecular epigenetics via RNA-mediated events such as the de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes in order to encourage a public discussion of a paradigm shift.

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The microRNA-mediated future of humanity (3)

Light-activated microRNA biogenesis has been linked from the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction to healthy longevity via protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA in all living genera. On 4/21/20 that fact was misrepresented as: Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains, Chinese study finds. The report was based on this non-peer-reviewed paper Patient-derived mutations impact pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 We observed intrapersonal variation and 6 different mutations in the spike glycoprotein (S protein), including 2 different SNVs that…

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The tipping point (revisited): 100K (4)

The wisdom gap The resulting “wisdom gap” leaves us ripe for manipulation… unaware of threats and unprepared for dangers. And as science and technology push the bounds of the possible, the “wisdom gap” will render us increasingly unable to wrestle with how far those bounds should be pushed. Wrestle with this: Why is Oregon still on lock down? Many people want to believe our health authorities know what they’re doing. Intelligent serious scientists know that our health authorities are corrupt.…

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FDA’s ignorance: From roots to shoots (2)

Quantum coherence is linked to coherently organized biology in a well-ordered Universe, which is what happened in two recent publications. MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 3/5/20 MicroRNA Involvement in Signaling Pathways During Viral Infection 3/10/20 See also: FDA’s ignorance: From roots to shoots (1) 3/9/20 ‘Everything depends on where you got virus’: US & Russian top specialists explain odds of catching Covid-19 & surviving 3/8/20  “We are aware of at least 40 coronaviruses” One amino acid substitution…

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NIAID’s ignorance: from roots to shoots (1)

At the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a biologically uninformed science idiot and vax-pusher named Anthony S. Fauci is helping others like him to destroy the economy. That brought forth something akin to martial law in the State of Georgia, and other states. I’ve lived in Georgia since 2003 and have a vested interest in protecting my friends (and family) from people like Fauci. I have also been a vocal advocate for learning about how sunlight, water,…

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Plenty of Room at the Bottom

CDC’s ignorance: from roots to shoots (3)

Longtime AIDS researcher Robert Redfield picked to lead CDC 3/21/18 In the early days of the AIDS crisis, Dr Redfield…[failed to learn about biophysically constrained] …active HIV replication in all stages of HIV infection. All viral replication is energy-dependent and microRNA-mediated. Without realizing it, the director of the CDC linked food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled fixation of amino acid substitutions from virulence in HIV-1 to less virulence in HIV-2. See: Correlation of Antibody Responses to a Peptide Antigen gp120-C5501–512/gp41732–744 with HIV Disease Progression 6/1/17…

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The tipping point (revisited): 100K (3)

More than 100,000 indexed published works that mention microRNAs link the Creation of anti-entropic virucial light from light-activated microRNA biogenesis to RNA-mediated autophagy via the physiology of reproduction and biophysically constrained viral latency in all living genera. See for review: The tipping point (revisited): 100K (1) at See for review: The tipping point (revisited): 100K (2) at Moving forward to what is known about how microRNAs are linked from RNAs to healthy longevity see: Autophagy regulation by microRNAs:…

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CDC’s ignorance: from roots to shoots (2)

See: CDC’s ignorance: From roots to shoots (1) Excerpt: Is there a corporate scheme that underlies the ignorance at the CDC? Robert H. Lustig clearly states that he does not believe in conspiracy theories, and neither do I. I’ve detailed the facts that link light-activated carbon fixation from the Creation of ATP to RNA interference and the patented cure for all virus-driven pathology in a series of publications and presentations during the past 25 years. Unfortunately, the microRNA-mediated cure has…

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WHO’s ignorance: From roots to shoots (2)

WHO’s ignorance: From roots to shoots (1) Amino acid substitutions within or near the active site of the viral neuraminidase (NA) may affect influenza virus fitness. See: Neuraminidase inhibitor susceptibility and neuraminidase enzyme kinetics of human influenza A and B viruses circulating in Thailand in 2010–2015  The authors cite the World Health Organization’s Summary of neuraminidase amino acid substitutions associated with reduced inhibition by neuraminidase inhibitors” The summary is available as a pdf download. See also: Viral Factors Associated With…

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RNA-mediated radiosensitivity (1)

I posted this to after resolve of an access issue. It now appears as part two of The Tipping Point (revisited): 90K (2) I will follow up on the link to RNA-mediated radiosensitivity after consideration of Maximum Entropy (Most Likely) Double Helical and Double Logarithmic Spiral Trajectories in Space-Time, which was reported in today’s news as Kepler’s Forgotten Ideas about Symmetry Could Explain Spiral Galaxies Without the Need for Dark Matter 8/8/19 Watch as everything known about biophysically constrained…

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Food energy-as-information, and consciousness

Informational Mode of the Brain Operation and Consciousness as an Informational Related System (6/7/19) Conclusion: consciousness could be fully described and understood in informational terms. In the same issue, the food that organisms eat is linked to human consciousness via natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality. Codon optimality biophysically constrains viral latency via the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction and fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions. The amino acid substitutions link food energy as information to transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of healthy…

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