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A Message From J.V.Kohl:

Here you will find information that links physics, chemistry, and molecular epigenetics via RNA-mediated events such as the de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes in order to encourage a public discussion of a paradigm shift.

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“The Darwin Code: Intelligent Design without God” (3)

Are we living in a baby universe that looks like a black hole to outsiders? If the black holes that form in our cosmos give birth to baby Universes, perhaps we arose from the formation of a black hole ourselves. — Ethan Siegel See for comparison: Focus on Structure to Verify Protein Function (free download) All intelligent serious scientists have linked God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity to His Creation of all biomass on Earth and protection from the virus-driven…

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“The Darwin Code: Intelligent Design without God” (2)

See first: “The Darwin Code: Intelligent Design without God” 4/14/15 Chemical signals between organisms can change genetic expression. As well, changes in the environment can alter genetic expression in both the individual and in later generations of offspring. See for comparison: Broadcasting of amplitude- and frequency-modulated c-di-GMP signals facilitates cooperative surface commitment in bacterial lineages 1/25/22, which was reported on 1/27/22 as: Bacteria build communities using chemical signals comparable to radio waves. …describes how, when biofilms form, bacteria communicate with…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (10)

The 6-part series on Energy-dependent epigenetic translation to mRNA stability that ran here between 5/12/17 and 5/22/17 predictably links facts about energy-dependent microRNA-mediated chromosomal inheritance to the end of all the stupid theories that were touted by Gene Levinson in Rethinking Evolution: The Revolution That’s Hiding in Plain Sight (2021) See first: RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (8) Light-activated microRNA biogenesis obviously links God’s energy-dependent Creation of the cell wall across kingdoms via: Biogenesis and Mechanisms of miRNA-Mediated Gene Regulation…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (9)

Things We’ve Never Seen: The James Webb Space Telescope Explores the Cosmos 12/23/21 Theorists live for the days that force them to revise their theories. When that day comes, they change their definitions to make others think that not all theorists are losers. This program is part of a series, supported by the John Templeton Foundation. The “Foundation” has no basis in the reality of facts that led intelligent serious scientists to make claims about Visualizing a protonated RNA state…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (8)

Prebiotic amino acids bind to and stabilize prebiotic fatty acid membranes 8/12/19 To test whether the inclusion of amino acids addresses this problem, we coupled direct techniques of cryoelectron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy Reported as:  First cells may have emerged because building blocks of proteins stabilized membranes 8/12/19 The stability of membranes is hydrogen-bond (pH) dependent. Nothing known to intelligent serious scientists about top-down causation suggests that stability of cell membranes automagically emerged. See for comparison:  microRNA More than 133,000…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (7)

I found this claim in an unpublished blog post from 4/14/15 while attempting to update other posts. Most of more than 1600 are missing the focus keyphrase “microRNA” …the control of cellular and organism-wide homeostasis by the epigenetic effects that inhibit viral replication (e.g., proper nutrition and social stress inhibition), might be the best approach to prevent our evolution to another species, or our diet-driven and social stress-driven extinction. See: Epigenetic effects of viruses on cellular homeostasis 10/29/12 Historical perspective:…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (6)

Gene Levinson’s Rethinking Evolution: The Revolution That’s Hiding in Plain Sight exemplifies the epic failure of many biologically uninformed theorists who appear to know nothing about energy-dependent microRNA-mediated stem cell creation. See an example of his lessons at The Fruits of the Molecular Genetics Revolution. Daily Lesson 148 from “Rethinking Evolution.” 7/8/21 Nobody wants to belong to the party of losers. One of the best strategies in such a case is evidently an interpretation of the change as a gradual…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (5)

In case you are a moronic public health fascist, liberal, atheist, or Communist who missed it, start your new year with facts about how to prevent or to effectively treat all virus-driven diseases. See: Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20, Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation 10/26/20 and Peptide synthesis at the origin of life 11/13/20. Don’t wait another year to learn how to link energy-dependent biophysically constrained changes in…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (4)

Happy New Year. Got SARS-Cov-2 or one of its synthetic mRNA vaccine-induced variants yet? SARS-CoV-2 expresses a microRNA-like small RNA able to selectively repress host genes 12/28/21 …we unexpectedly discovered a viral miRNA-like small RNA, named CoV2-miR-O7a (for SARS-CoV-2 miRNA-like ORF7a-derived small RNA). Its abundance ranges from low to moderate as compared to host miRNAs and it associates with Argonaute proteins-core components of the RNA interference pathway. For a historical perspective on the role of microRNA-like small RNAs in viruses,…

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RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (3)

See first: RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (2) 12/30/21 The number of intelligent serious scientists who have integrated what is known about the physics, chemistry, and molecular biology of naturally occurring biophysically constrained microRNA-mediated viral endemicity and healthy longevity attests to the fact that most of them have been silenced. Indeed, in response to many of my Facebook Posts, Facebook claims: Independent fact-checkers investigate stories in a journalistic process meant to result in establishing the truth or falsity of the…

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