22-nucleotide ring

microRNA-mediated biodiversity (2)

From microRNA-mediated biodiversity (1) See for comparison my blog posts that mention: glycine, which start with Epigenetic regulation of aging by glycine and GnRH 5/26/15 The focus here is on vertebrates, but the conserved molecular mechanisms extend across all species. Who else is watching science journalist John Hewitt continue on his collision course with reality? microRNA-mediated biodiversity (2)

microRNA-mediated biodiversity (1)

I started this series to show biologically uninformed evolutionary theorist that all intelligent serious scientists know how stupid the theorists have always been A clinical and in-silico study of MicroRNA-21 and growth differentiation factor-15 expression in pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and diabetic nephropathy 2/1/22 RESULTS: MicroRNA-21 was found to directly target GDF15 downregulating transcription factors microRNA-mediated biodiversity (1)