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Preprints obfuscate facts (1)

How many preprints should be published? If someone posts something crazy like vaccines cause autism, I don’t think respectable news outlets will cover it without first discussing the preprint with experts. The light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex and the cure for all cancer was reported by researchers from Israel and discussion by so-called experts Preprints obfuscate facts (1)

RNA processing and disease 2019 (1)

Steve Mount Ongenetics, (Univ. of Maryland. Interested in gene structure and function, especially pre-mRNA splicing) wrote: At #BPIRPD2019 Michael Sattler A great story, many vignettes of extremely complex RNP-RNA interactions affecting a variety of post-transcriptional processes. Very short motifs in the right relationship recognized by multiple RNA-binding domains on the same or different proteins. My RNA processing and disease 2019 (1)

Darwin Day 2019 (1) #darwinday2019

A Theory in Crisis: Darwinian Anomalies Accumulate How could such a myth survive for so long? Answer: by assumption, without empirical rigor. Another on the team says, “This is, to our knowledge, the first approach to test a long-standing principle in biology: that the beak shape and function of birds is tightly linked to their Darwin Day 2019 (1) #darwinday2019