activation of ATP

Odor activation of ATP (2)

Metabolic Regulation of Cytoplasmic DNA Synthesis (1974) The curve that results when the rate of DNA synthesis is plotted as a function of ATP concentration is sigmoidal, suggesting that more than one site on the enzyme interacts with ATP and that these sites are acting cooperatively. Odor activation of ATP is the obvious link to Odor activation of ATP (2)

Odor activation of ATP (1)

Serious scientists start from the levels of biological organization required to link atoms to ecosystems in all living genera. They must link what is known about quantized energy to subatomic particles. See for example slide number 6 from: Human Pheromones: Linking Neuroendocrinology and Ethology (revisited)  (2010) Subatomic particles must be the link to the creation Odor activation of ATP (1)