Adaptive Introgression

Catch 22: Democrats lose it all (2)

Democrats lost their grip on reality in the context of their greed and attempts to support the money-making pseudoscientists who have failed to make scientific progress towards the effective treatment or prevention of all pathology. See for example: For comparison to mathematical models and “bad luck” hypotheses, the link from light-activated microRNA biogenesis and biophysically Catch 22: Democrats lose it all (2)

Copying Nature’s Design Process (3)

Copying Nature‚Äôs Design Process (2) This evidence exemplifies how the creation of sunlight must be linked to ecological adaptations and sympatric speciation in all living genera. See: Evidence that RNA Viruses Drove Adaptive Introgression between Neanderthals and Modern Humans …exchange of adaptive alleles… provided resistance… against… viruses. Ask how much unnecessary suffering and how many Copying Nature’s Design Process (3)