amino acid catabolism

Thermotolerance and Longevity

Heterotypic Signals from Neural HSF-1 Separate Thermotolerance from Longevity Excerpt: …it was hypothesized that hsf-1 regulates the aging process by modulating chaperone network components to directly influence the folding state of the proteome ( Morimoto, 2008). Our data suggest an alternate method by which hsf-1 can regulate the aging process. In this model, hsf-1 activates the FOXO transcription factor, which initiates a pro-longevity stress response that is distinct from the heat shock response. My comment: The separation of the nutrient…

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Decreased phenotypic variation: Faith in Facts

Serious scientists have known for more than a decade that …phenotypic variation decreases through geologic time, because microRNAs (miRNAs) increase genic precision, by turning an imprecise number of mRNA transcripts into a more precise number of protein molecules… See for example: MicroRNAs and metazoan macroevolution: insights into canalization, complexity, and the Cambrian explosion That fact links the anti-entropic epigenetic effects of nutrient-dependent microRNAs to DNA repair in the organized genomes of species from microbes to man. Viruses appear to cause…

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Glycine and GnRH: Am I being pedantic?

Posted to the FB page on 12/3/14 at Skeptics; Atheists; Realists; Agnostics; Humanists Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox take part in Monty Python sketch – video Excerpt: “I think you are being pedantic.” My comment: Some people may think I am being pedantic. My focus is not on physics; it is on the role of GnRH in cell type differentiation. My focus now extends from what is known about quantum physics, quantum smell, chirality, quantum biology, and quantum consciousness. What is known about chirality…

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