From quantum physics to quantum souls (5)

Three recently published articles attest to the eternal significance of prior works that linked quantum physics to quantum souls via what  is known to all serious scientists about Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference (February 15, 2017) See 1) Photosynthetic Energy Transfer at the Quantum/Classical Border June 2018 See also 2) Photosynthetic artificial organelles sustain and control ATP-dependent reactions in a protocellular system May 28, 2018 Switchable photosynthetic organelles may enable the development of biomimetic vesicle systems with regulatory…

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Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose (2)

For a historical perspective on the amount of ignorance theistic evolutionists and atheists have repeatedly displayed as they ignored everything known about the energy-dependent RNA-mediated de novo creation of genes, see: The heat shock response is self-regulated at both the transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels (1982) Thirty-five years later, there is another clear indication that theorists and atheists will never consider the fact that there must be an anti-entropic virucidal source of energy. See for example: HSP90 Shapes the Consequences of…

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George Church refutes theistic evolution (3)

Fifty years of illumination about the natural levels of adaptation … George C. Williams developed in his 1966 book Adaptation and Natural Selection the essentials of a unifying theory of adaptation that remains robust today and has inspired immense progress in understanding how natural selection works. Light Could Propel Nanorobots on a “Fantastic Voyage” Through the Human Body “Light is a more effective option to communicate between the microscopic world and the macroscopic world,” said Tang. See also: George Church…

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Dobzhansky 1973 and precision medicine (5)

See: Dobzhansky 1973 and precision medicine (4) Microenvironmental autophagy promotes tumour growth …non-cell-autonomous autophagy is induced both in the tumour microenvironment and systemically… transformed cells engage surrounding normal cells as active and essential microenvironmental contributors to early tumour growth through nutrient-generating autophagy. Non-cell autonomous autophagy links non-random natural selection for codon optimality from the nutrient energy-dependent pherormone-controlled physiology of reproduction to biophysically constrained RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry via fixation of amino acid substitutions in supercoiled DNA. The supercoiled DNA links…

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Autophagy is the antiphage defense strategy

The “Antiphage Defense Strategy” in Vibrio anguillarum is called autophagy by many serious scientists. It links nutrient energy-dependent pheromone-controlled quorum sensing to viral latency, healthy longevity, symbiosis, reproduction, and biodiversity from microbial species to humans. For an evolutionary approach to energy-dependent autophagy that fails to address any aspect of how virus-driven energy theft causes all pathology see: (12/7/16) Part I: Living together: The symbiosis of host-microbial interactions (12/7/16) See also: 12/7/16 ….McFall-Ngai tells the story of a symbiosis between the…

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Energy-dependent de novo creation and neurogenesis (2)

See also: Energy-dependent de novo creation and neurogenesis 12/7/16 Atlas of the RNA universe takes shape Excerpt: MicroRNA are very mysterious. They are really relics of the RNA world—pieces of RNA that are highly reactive, very small and which pair and bind other RNA and facilitate catalytic reactions,” Mangone says. “We don’t know much about them—where they come from or how they regulate gene expression, but they are very misregulated in many diseases. See also: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model…

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Phylogenetic similarity sans energy

Phylogenetic Similarity of Popular Rice Varieties from Different Sources (2016) Cites: Sablok and Shekhawat (2008) Excerpt: “Microsatellites, often abbreviated as simple sequence repeats (SSRs), are 1 to 5 bp repeat mutation prone motifs. Due to mutation prone specific and high rate of polymorphism, microsatellites (SSR) have become a modern genetic resource tool for the genetic mapping studies, developing and establishing new patterns of molecular breeding and in inferring the phylogenetic and comparative genome analysis. These repetitive stretches are distributed in…

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Happy biophysically constrained Thanksgiving (in the USA)

Is there any other holiday in the world that celebrates biophysically constrained cell type differentiation in all living genera? The availability of amino acids and proteins in new genes is nutrient energy-dependent. The de novo creation of genes is biophysically constrained by the innate immune system and the physiology of reproduction. That fact was detailed for a general audience in Biblical Genesis. Today, all of us can be thankful that the pseudoscientific nonsense of neo-Darwinian theory was replaced earlier in…

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Energy-dependent maternal-to-zygotic transition

Small Non-coding RNAs Associated with Viral Infectious Diseases of Veterinary Importance: Potential Clinical Applications ON 11/14/16 The co-author Mohamed Samir wrote:  Because our article is among the top 25% most viewed and downloaded articles in the third quarter of 2016 in “Frontiers in Veterinary Science”, The editor of the journal has invited me to host and moderate a new research topic in his journal about miRNAs in veterinary filed. Thanks God. The topic is virtually guaranteed to bring out the…

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Epigenetics and autophagy vs mutations and evolution (7)

RNA interference (RNAi) fails to protect all cell types from virus-driven energy theft. The effect on some cell types cannot be controlled. That’s because nutrient energy-dependent endogenosymbiosis and the pheromones-controlled physiology of reproduction protect the organized genomes of species from microbes to humans. Billions of waster dollars have been spent with no end to the waste in sight — until the Trump administration stops it. As that begins to happen, see: tRNA-mediated codon-biased translation in mycobacterial hypoxic persistence (open access)…

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