Aras Petrulis

Model organisms: the birds and the bees

Bird Genomes Abound Scientists complete the largest-ever comparative genomic study of birds. By Ruth Williams | December 11, 2014 Excerpt: “Birds are model organisms for a number of human behaviors and conditions—For example, Jarvis compares vocal learning in birds and humans—so determining the genetic basis of such traits requires genetic history.” My comment: Honeybees are model organisms for “…human immunity, disease resistance, allergic reaction, circadian rhythms, antibiotic resistance, the development of the brain and behavior, mental health, longevity, diseases of…

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Atoms to ecosystems: Evolutionary theory vs the coelacanth

Biodiversity: Life ­– a status report “Species are disappearing quickly — but researchers are struggling to assess how bad the problem is.” I want to eliminate some of the researcher’s struggles, but a moderator at Nature has blocked all my comments for several months, perhaps permanently. I think my past comments on articles, like this one, explain why other comments are blocked. In the past, I commented each time I saw a misrepresentation of biologically-based cause and effect. The misrepresentations…

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