assortative mating

Viral latency vs secular humanism (1)

“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on this planet is the virus.” – Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, 1958 See: Reverse transcriptase inhibitors: NRTIs vs NNRTIs 10/24/19 published in the current issue of Medical Laboratory Observer Secular humanism may be a bigger threat. “Secular humanism is a philosophy or Viral latency vs secular humanism (1)

Lewis Thomas (revisited): 90K (1)

“I should think we might fairly gauge the future of biological science, centuries ahead by estimating the time it will take to reach a complete comprehensive understanding of odor. It may not seem a profound enough problem to dominate all the life sciences, but it contains, piece by piece, all the mysteries” (p. 732). — Lewis Thomas (revisited): 90K (1)