Photonics in Forensics (7)

Living with the Neanderthals 8/14/03 …Bear pleads for biologists to write clearly: “Don’t they realize how important it is to get the word out to everybody?” Social media censorship prevents people from learning the facts. All intelligent serious scientists and many intelligent people know that sunlight is beneficial in the context of biophotonics and forensics Photonics in Forensics (7)

microRNA-mediated election cycles (5)

See: microRNA-mediated election cycles (4) Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Clinical Management and Public Health Response View 398 articles can be linked from young earth creationism to prevention or to the effective treatment all virus-driven pathology. Alternatively, they can be linked to public health fascism via the failure of elected officials and government appointees to microRNA-mediated election cycles (5)

microRNA-mediated replication cycles (6)

Conclusion from microRNA-mediated replication timing (5) 7/2/21 …the color and fragrance of flowers depends on light-activated microRNA-mediated replication timing in the context of RNA interference. See: Striking a balance: Trade-offs shape flower diversity 7/1/21 Celebrate your freedom from atheism, Communism, and public health fascism on Independence Day 2021. Light-activated carbon fixation has linked CRISPR-Cas Systems: microRNA-mediated replication cycles (6)

The tipping point (revisited): 98K (4)

Word-games and claims about beneficial mutations obfuscate the fact that light-activated carbon fixation is the link to microRNA-mediated viral latency and biophysically constrained ecological adaptations. See for an example of the word games:  Gene expression noise can promote the fixation of beneficial mutations in fluctuating environments, (2/13/20) Growth on the inferior carbon source depends on The tipping point (revisited): 98K (4)

Magic traits vs biophysical constraints (1)

For review, see: Magic traits vs Biophysical constraints across the time-space continuum of energy-dependent top-down causation. If you ignore everything known to serious scientists about the energy-dependent microRNA-mediated differentiation of all cell types in species from yeasts to mammals, you get this: Using human genetics to understand the disease impacts of testosterone in men and Magic traits vs biophysical constraints (1)

MicroRNA-mediated denuclearization (6)

An evolutionary theory killer

Summary: The EDAR V370A isoform links one quantized energy-dependent base pair change from changes in ultraviolet light (UV) exposure to fixation of one amino acid substitution. The substitution differentiates the cell types of mice and humans in the context of a mouse-to-human model of nutritional epigenetics and microRNA-mediated denuclearization in North Korea. Environmental selection during MicroRNA-mediated denuclearization (6)

George Church refutes theistic evolution (3)

Fifty years of illumination about the natural levels of adaptation … George C. Williams developed in his 1966 book Adaptation and Natural Selection the essentials of a unifying theory of adaptation that remains robust today and has inspired immense progress in understanding how natural selection works. Light Could Propel Nanorobots on a “Fantastic Voyage” Through George Church refutes theistic evolution (3)