ATP synthesis

Using gobbledygook to frighten people

From an antagonist: Jane Howell Kershaw, who inspired me before she blocked me. Biologically uninformed geologists use gobbledygook to convince others that their claims about evolution and the fossil record are true. For comparison, she takes my claims as a medical laboratory scientist and tells others: James Kohl this is ridiculous. Using gobbledegook to frighten Using gobbledygook to frighten people

Energy-dependent microRNA biogenesis

Published May 3, 2017 Genetic variation and RNA structure regulate microRNA biogenesis …primary sequence determinants and RNA structure are key regulators of miRNA biogenesis. Genetic variation aka primary sequence determinants are energy-dependent and RNA-mediated. Energy-dependent RNA methylation is an experience-dependent link from natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality. Natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality links Energy-dependent microRNA biogenesis

Masters of deception about nature (2)

See my other blog posts on RNA methylation Thanks for your review of How Can Physics Underlie the Mind?: Top-Down Causation in the Human Context (The Frontiers Collection) Others linked the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy from energy-dependent changes in hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution to supercoiled DNA, which protects all organized genomes Masters of deception about nature (2)