Energy-dependent biodiversity (2)

This will be my next post to the “Creationism” FB group, where biologically uninformed antagonists have been attacking me on all my other posts or my comments on the posts of others. See, for example: In a series of four presentations during three online conferences: “Neuroscience” “Molecular Diagnostics” “Genetics and Genomics,” I linked Einstein’s math Energy-dependent biodiversity (2)

A fear of pheromones (revisited)

Unlike androstadienone or any other androstene, the mixture of androstenol and androsterone has been shown to cause changes in women’s flirtatious behavior and in their self-reported level of attraction to the man wearing the mixture

Cosmetics: are they useful or do they just make us feel good?

“…the Darwinist approach to attraction – beautiful faces and well-formed bodies are important biological indicators of a person’s value as a sexual partner.”
A Darwinist approach would be biologically based and modeled in other species. In other species, mate preferences develop via associations with social odors: olfactory/pheromonal cues of reproductive fitness. Food odors and social odors activate the same evolved neurophysiological mechanisms in all mammals. How might we have come to prefer beautiful faces and well-formed bodies if not via their association with human scent signatures?

American and Canadian Mensa Presentation

Annual Gathering 2010 at the Hyatt Regency, 600 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, Michigan Friday July 2, 2010 James V. Kohl Human Pheromones: The Mind’s Eyes and behavior How do personal preferences develop? The scientific realities of attraction, partner choice, commitment, and mindless animalistic behaviors are detailed for an adult general audience. This clinical laboratory scientist American and Canadian Mensa Presentation