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Impeaching the God of Abraham (3)

The higher the proportion of people with immunity, either through vaccination or infection, the stronger the selective pressure on the coronavirus to mutate in ways that can evade our immunity. — Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrTomFrieden) February 15, 2021 Neo-Darwinian theorists, conspiracy theorists, and Big Bang cosmologists have something in common with Communists, atheists, and researchers from Harvard who have obfuscated facts about naturally occurring energy-dependent protonated RNA interference. See: Regulation of host and virus genes by neuronal miR-138 favours herpes simplex…

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Mute points: most are afraid to mention them

In discussion of anthropic theory and the fact that fundamental physical constraints underlie our life-enabling universe, Andrew Jones wrote: “Pathogenicity of E. coli 0157 has nothing to do with its temperature stability.” Like others who are biologically uninformed, Jones defies a common sense approach and he also defies the US president’s call for intelligent researchers to be integrated into areas of medical research: See: Obama Calls for Medical-Research Expansion Excerpt: “President Barack Obama called for a new medical research push…

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