Public Heath Fascism vs Creationism (4)

2018 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Frances H. Arnold failed to link the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex from microRNA biogenesis to her claims about the evolution of enzymes, which were retracted. See: Nobel Prize-winning scientist Frances Arnold retracts paper 1/3/20 “For my first work-related tweet of 2020, I am totally bummed to announce that we have retracted last year’s paper on enzymatic synthesis of beta-lactams. The work has not been reproducible,” she tweeted. beta-lactamase confers penicillin resistance to various bacterial…

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Food energy-dependent cell type differentiation (2)

Summary: The concept of “faster-evolving DNA” regions in the context of nucleotide variation in both the 16S and 12S sequences is not consistent with any accurate representation of how the functional structure of supercoiled DNA must be linked from energy-dependent changes in angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera. Conserved molecular mechanisms link the sense of smell in bacteria from the de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes to the physiology of reproduction via the microRNA/messenger RNA balance and Feynman’s…

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