Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

CDC’s ignorance: from roots to shoots (2)

See: CDC’s ignorance: From roots to shoots (1) Excerpt: Is there a corporate scheme that underlies the ignorance at the CDC? Robert H. Lustig clearly states that he does not believe in conspiracy theories, and neither do I. I’ve detailed the facts that link light-activated carbon fixation from the Creation of ATP to RNA interference and the patented cure for all virus-driven pathology in a series of publications and presentations during the past 25 years. Unfortunately, the microRNA-mediated cure has…

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The tipping point (revisited): 73,000 publications

Summary: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation appears to be funding misrepresentations of what serious scientists know about biophysically constrained viral latency, as if no one knew that the effect of virus-driven energy theft in a computer processing unit (CPU) is the same as the effect of bacteriophages on the human brain. The countdown that led scientific creationists in South Korea to force the denuclearization of North Korea started 2 years ago (today). 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Predicting microRNA-disease…

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Who will kill the billion dollar baby? Bill Gates or Donald Trump

Bill Gates is set to meet with the President on Monday. [March 20, 2017] Both men know that virus-driven energy theft is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. The threat arose in the context of wasted US government funding and wasted funding from philanthropists who supported the CRISPR gene-editing technology. For comparison, The Penrose Institute appears to be prepared to establish itself as a refuge for serious scientists who have been cast out of academia for their failure to…

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