Synthetic RNA-based switches

Synthetic RNA-based switches for mammalian gene expression control Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Volume 48, December 2017, Pages 54–60 If you wait until December, 2017 to see this article in print, you will probably be among the last of those to have missed a two decades-old paradigm shift. The fact that these researchers created synthetic RNA-based Synthetic RNA-based switches

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses! 3/27/17 My comment: On March 24, 2017 this article was published in ‘Science.’ A conserved NAD+ binding pocket that regulates protein-protein interactions during aging The article linked Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game

Life in your UV light-constrained galaxy

A measurement of the z = 0 UV background from Hα fluorescence Despite the substantial systematic uncertainty that affects our measurement, our work has demonstrated the potential that future MUSE observations have in constraining the intensity of the UVB in the local Universe. This is a report on the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) instrument. The preposterous Life in your UV light-constrained galaxy

Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (3)

See: Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (2) Let’s make peer review scientific …peer review is often biased and inefficient. It is occasionally corrupt, sometimes a charade, an open temptation to plagiarists. Even with the best of intentions, how and whether peer review identifies high-quality science is unknown. It is, in short, unscientific. Here’s another failed attempt to Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (3)

Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (4)

Solar-driven reforming of lignocellulose to H2 with a CdS/CdOx photocatalyst Reported as: Scientists harness solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass They claim that the rigid structure of nature’s equivalent to armored concrete evolved to protect plants and trees from degradation. They don’t make claims about what might cause the degradation. They start with Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (4)

RNA-mediated adult learning, memory, and neurogenesis

Here is a way to assess the power of the media-industrial complex to suppress accurate representations of biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect. Wait to see whether this experimental evidence is reported in the science news, or how it is reported. Enriched Environment Increases PCNA and PARP1 Levels in Octopus vulgaris Central Nervous System: First RNA-mediated adult learning, memory, and neurogenesis

Ab initio cell wall invention, emergence, and evolution (1)

Suzan Mazur continues to make giant leaps forward for all serious scientists by forcing pseudoscientists to admit that they know nothing about the energy-dependent de novo creation of life. That means they know nothing about how virus-driven energy theft causes the degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA) that links loss of function from bacteria to archaea Ab initio cell wall invention, emergence, and evolution (1)

Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose (2)

For a historical perspective on the amount of ignorance theistic evolutionists and atheists have repeatedly displayed as they ignored everything known about the energy-dependent RNA-mediated de novo creation of genes, see: The heat shock response is self-regulated at both the transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels (1982) Thirty-five years later, there is another clear indication that theorists Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose (2)