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Nothing new under the sun, except pseudoscientific nonsense

On the Importance of Being a Methodological Naturalist Posted on November 5, 2014 by David Sloan Wilson Excerpt: “…consider the flying spaghetti monster, a deity invented to poke fun at religion. It is ridiculous, but is there any way to prove that it doesn’t exist?” Conclusion: “If religious believers abandon methodological naturalism, then they are forced to deny not only the laws of physics and the facts biological evolution, but the histories of their own religions.” My comments: DS Wilson is…

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Some neuroscientists think a mutation led to human language development

Neuroscientists identify key role of language gene Excerpt: “Neuroscientists have found that a gene mutation that arose more than half a million years ago may be key to humans’ unique ability to produce and understand speech.” Excerpt: “…the gene that allowed us to speak may have something to do with a special kind of learning, The gene was first identified in a group of family members who had severe difficulties in speaking and understanding speech, and who were found to…

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Behavior: The first response is RNA-mediated not genetically-determined

Diana Maria Petrosanu asked a question in an Evolutionary Psychology News discussion about Evolution’s Random Paths Lead to One Place. I’ve been very vocal in other discussions that tout ridiculous theories that have been repeatedly refuted by biological facts. My answer to her question might help others to understand the language of RNA-mediated events. That’s why I added details to my representation at Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.  Whether or not the addition to my comments is published or understood…

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