biophysically constrained biodiversity

God vs host-derived creation of virus-driven pathology

Summary: The virus-driven theft of quantized energy forces cells to compete for nutrient energy-dependent RNA-mediated reprogramming in the context of the structure of photons, one-carbon metabolism, autophagy, and the physiology of reproduction, which links energy-dependent changes in chirality from base pairs to RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions. Host-derived viral transporter protein for nitrogen uptake in infected marine phytoplankton (with my emphasis) Viruses often carry genes acquired from their host. In the present work, we show that a virus of a marine…

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Energy dependent RNA-mediated immunity (3)

Viral ‘fossils’ in our DNA may help us fight infection Excerpt: The work suggests that these viral fossils probably played a key role in the evolution of our species… My comment: The work shows that Greg Bear accurately portrayed virus-driven energy theft when he linked it to the creation of new species. In 1999 and 2003, he linked what is now known about the anti-entropic effects of sunlight and hydrogen-energy transfer in DNA base pairs in solution to the creation…

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