biophysically constrained life

Natural selection for adaptation (8)

Facts about natural selection for adaptation can be compared to theories of Evolution by Gene Duplication (1970) The creation of metazoans, vertebrates and finally mammals from unicellular organisms… required the creation of new gene loci with previously nonexistent functions. The persistent theories of evolution by gene duplication can be compared to facts natural selection for adaptation in the context of God’s Creation of subatomic particles, such as protons and the ATP-dependent creation of RNA, which was required to link the…

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Virulence: Out of stock

Virulence: An Infectious Card Game This product is currently out of stock and is on backorder. For comparison, pre-orders of “Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game”  are being shipped this month, and the “board game” adds “depth” to what could already have been learned from the “card game.” I ordered two cases of “Cytosis.” Players start with the creation of energy and link ATP from the creation of RNA to the creation of all biophysically constrained life on Earth. Players…

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For God and Country

Dispelling the ignorance of theorists

American Legion Riders (Riding for God and Country on 9/9/17) Summary: The highest-order of energy-dependent pre-assembly of respiratory chain complexes allows mitochondria to respond to energy-requiring conditions. There is no such thing as the emergence of energy, self-assembly, self-organization or any other pseudoscientific nonsense touted by theorists. Their theories exemplify what Richard P. Feynman referred to as “human idiocy.” That is why I refer to theorists who argue with me as “biologically uninformed science idiots.” Friends sometimes tell me I…

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The emergence of light as energy from a life-giving star

The Sun – our steady, reliable companion – tells a very different story up close “…a mesmerising, perspective-shaking glimpse at Earth’s life-giving star.” (video) Questions: 1) Did the energy in this life-giving star create itself? 2) How is hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution biophysically constrained. 3) Who created the feedback loops that link the solar analemma from the time-space continuum to representations of biophysically constrained life and free will in the Mobius strip. 4) Was Linda Buck…

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