Wasted Templeton Funding (2)

See also: Wasted Templeton Funding (1) Templeton grant funds evolution rethink Excerpt: The extended evolutionary synthesis is a term coined in 2007 to imply that the preeminent current evolutionary theory, the so-called modern synthesis, needed to broaden its focus because it concentrated too much on the role of genes in evolution and lacked adequate incorporation Wasted Templeton Funding (2)

Creating nothing but a theory

De novo design of a transmembrane Zn2+-transporting four-helix bundle Excerpt 1) The de novo design of proteins is an important endeavor that critically tests our understanding of the principles underlying protein folding and function, while also laying the foundation for the design of proteins and molecular assemblies with desired properties. Much progress has been recently Creating nothing but a theory

Ecological adaptations reported as evolution in insects and mammals

Evolution of mosquito preference for humans linked to an odorant receptor Excerpt: “Our results also provide insight into the molecular basis of behavioural evolution.” See their diagram in Extended Data Figure 3: Amino acid differences of major Or4 protein alleles. Excerpt: Dots represent amino acid differences with respect to the genome reference, not an inferred Ecological adaptations reported as evolution in insects and mammals