RNA-mediated physics, chemistry, and molecular epigenetics (2)

9/16/15 This is an excellent introduction to speculation about how quantum mechanics might be linked from physics and chemistry to the conserved molecular mechanisms of epigenetically-effected biologically-based RNA-mediated cause and effect, which all serious scientists already know must link angstroms to ecosystems via the innate immune system, the physiology of reproduction, and supercoiled DNA. The introduction to speculation may help you to explain why more scientific progress has not been made since 1944, when Schrodinger claimed: Indeed, in the case…

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Understanding cell type differentiation

The Wisdom of the Fly Crowds by Ed Yong Excerpt: “This is a landmark study of collective behaviour,” says Iain Couzin… “Never before has it been possible to unweave the intricate coding of social behaviour during collective decision-making.” When it comes to fruit flies, scientists…  can really start to understand the origins of collective behaviour—how genes in the fly’s neurons are activated, how those neurons process signals from the fly’s environment, and how they drive individual behaviours that, in turn,…

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RNA-mediated cell type differentiation and behavior

Neuroscience Meeting Planner Now Available The Preliminary Program and Neuroscience Meeting Planner for Neuroscience 2014 are available. At the 2012 Meeting I learned that the microRNA/messenger RNA balance had emerged during the past decade to be the most likely regulator of all downstream effects on cell type differentiation. That inspired me to focus on what I knew about RNA-mediated events and put what we detailed about them in our 1996 Hormones and Behavior review into the context of a this…

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