Energy-dependent de novo creation and neurogenesis (2)

See also: Energy-dependent de novo creation and neurogenesis 12/7/16 Atlas of the RNA universe takes shape Excerpt: MicroRNA are very mysterious. They are really relics of the RNA world—pieces of RNA that are highly reactive, very small and which pair and bind other RNA and facilitate catalytic reactions,” Mangone says. “We don’t know much about them—where they come from or how they regulate gene expression, but they are very misregulated in many diseases. See also: Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model…

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Are viruses microRNAs? (2)

The role of microRNAs in cell type differentiation can be compared in the context of the role of viruses and mutations that cause cancer. Facts provide a basis for explaining the biological basis of epigenetically-effected cell type differentiation in species from microbes to man. But first, those who are biologically uninformed must answer the question: Are viruses microRNAs? Andrew Jones aka anonymous_9001 is correct. Viruses are not microRNAs. anonymous_9001 5 / 5 (6) 11 hours ago Stupid question of the…

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