Does metabolism link beneficial mutations to cancer?

Viruses steal nutrients needed by the cell. The theft deregulates protein folding, which is how viruses perturb biophysically constrained nutrient energy-dependent protein folding chemistry. The theft of nutrients by viruses links mutations to all pathology. Nutrients are required for RNA methylation and RNA-directed DNA methylation. Cell types do not hypermethylate unless nutrient-dependent hypermethylation is required Does metabolism link beneficial mutations to cancer?

RNA-mediated theory killers (3)

  Ghosts in the Genome How one generation’s experience can affect the next By Oliver J. Rando | December 1, 2015 My comment: “…epigenetic information carriers include covalent modifications to nucleotides and histones, providing a wide variety of mechanisms that enable organisms to transmit information extragenomically.” When this was placed into its proper perspective, it RNA-mediated theory killers (3)