cell-to-cell communication

The eternal significance of microRNAs (8)

Use of definitions in attempts to explain any aspect of species-specific biophysically constrained cell type differentiation and aging has been replaced by the use of model systems of biological processes.  Biological processes can be compared to so-called “evolutionary processes” to show that only biological processes need to be considered in the context of Darwin’s “conditions of life” or answers to the the question  What is Life? Schrödinger (1944). K. L. Mettinger et al. (eds.), Exosomes, Stem Cells and MicroRNA, Advances…

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Viruses in pathogenic variants disrupt alternative splicings (3)

See: Viruses in pathogenic variants disrupt alternative splicings (2) See also: What is life without sunshine? Translational applications in exosome research: From biomarker discovery to biomarker discovery Exosomes—small, membrane-derived extracellular vesicles capable of carrying diverse biological cargo including proteins and microRNAs—have been found in a broad range of biological fluids and appear to be predominantly involved in cell-to-cell communication. Their natural characteristics make them uniquely suited for research and clinical applications, including as biomarkers both for diseases and for intrinsic…

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Experimental evidence vs evolutionary theory

Kara C. Hoover: Smell with inspiration: The evolutionary significance of olfaction Excerpt from 2010: Human pheromones, a controversial subject, seem to be a natural phenomenon, with a small number identified in clinical studies. Researchers show how our sense of smell evolved, including in cave men Excerpt: People with different DNA sequences in the gene producing the OR7D4 receptor respond differently to this smell…. People’s responses to androstenone can be predicted by their OR7D4 DNA sequence, and vice versa. Journal article…

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