From base editing to RNA editing (4)

Summary: To claim evolution, Koonin must link food energy from the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction to fixation of a beneficial mutation in the organized genome of one species that evolved into another species. Search Results for “base editing” = 82 blog posts starting with Cell-type differentiation on February 7, 2014 Search Results for “RNA editing” From base editing to RNA editing (4)

Theoretical physics and molecular biology

Astrophysical phenomenology meets pheromone-ology: Slugs that “eat light” Theoretical physics and molecular biology can be compared in the context of their explanatory power. For example (with my emphasis): Theoretical physics (2015): Firewall Phenomenology with Astrophysical Neutrinos Abstract: One of the most fundamental features of a black hole in general relativity is its event horizon: a Theoretical physics and molecular biology

RNA-mediated epigenetic modification via DNA-methylation

I have repeatedly used the phrase “RNA-directed DNA methylation and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions” in the context of links from the epigenetic landscape to the physical landscape of DNA in the organized genomes of species from microbes to man. See for example: RNA-mediated, with links to ~200 blog posts. In the introduction to my 2012 RNA-mediated epigenetic modification via DNA-methylation

Understanding cell type differentiation

The Wisdom of the Fly Crowds by Ed Yong Excerpt: “This is a landmark study of collective behaviour,” says Iain Couzin… “Never before has it been possible to unweave the intricate coding of social behaviour during collective decision-making.” When it comes to fruit flies, scientists…  can really start to understand the origins of collective behaviour—how Understanding cell type differentiation

Eliminating evolutionary theory

Does evolutionary theory need a rethink? Excerpt 1) “…the theory neglects key processes, say Kevin Laland and colleagues.” My comment: “Olfaction and odor receptors provide a clear evolutionary trail that can be followed from unicellular organisms to insects to humans (Keller et al., 2007; Kohl, 2007; Villarreal, 2009; Vosshall, Wong, & Axel, 2000).” — Human Eliminating evolutionary theory

Envisioning, hindsight bias, plagiarism, or cheating

Has anyone else detailed the required bottom-up/top-down reciprocity of the adaptively evolved gene, cell, tissue, organ, organ system pathway, which is exemplified in the honeybee model organism I used to link the adaptive evolution of microbes to man?

Human Pheromones and Consilience

Evolution of the genotype and its phenotypic expression can only be coherently addressed via the gene, cell, tissue, organ, organ system pathway. No part of this pathway lies outside the congruency of consilience.