Pheromones protect us from viruses (7)

It’s been more than one year since Guenther Witzany published What is Life? 3/18/20 “A new definition of life must integrate the current empirical knowledge about interactions between cells, viruses, and RNA networks to provide a better explanatory power than the twentieth century narrative.” The need for the new definition of life is consistent with my claims from “What is life when it is not protected from virus-driven entropy.” It’s been 5 years since this virtual conference presentation on 3/30/16. The…

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Let there be anti-entropic light (3)

See also: Let there be anti-entropic light (1) and Let there be anti-entropic light (2) NeuroD1 reprograms chromatin and transcription factor landscapes to induce the neuronal program and Putting chromatin in its place: the pioneer factor NeuroD1 modulates chromatin state to drive cell fate decisions were reported as: Master switch for brain development found Excerpts: 1)  …the brain is also one of the most complex organs in the body, and very little is understood about the molecular pathways that guide…

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Amino acid homeostasis for a Happy New Year!

Works by Christ et al., continue to attest to the rejuvenating power of blood. For example, in the context of epigenetic pharmacology and regenerative medicine, one protein in the blood has been linked to health via nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in all individuals of all species. Simply put, blood seems to reverse aging in another mammal, which suggests an across-species link to RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions. For contrast, nothing currently known about any species links…

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