Exosomes and the RNA-mediated future of medicine

The Exosome Is Recruited to RNA Substrates through Specific Adaptor Proteins Reported as: The exosome regulates the processing, degradation, and surveillance of a plethora of RNA species. Excerpt: …the exosome employs a general mechanism of recruitment to defined substrates and that this process is regulated through adaptor proteins. Journal article excerpt: (subscription required) The nuclear Exosomes and the RNA-mediated future of medicine

Nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled exercise-induced physiques

How to explain exercise-induced phenotype from molecular data: rethink and reconstruction based on AMPK and mTOR signaling Excerpt: “…cellular and molecular phenotype for exercise capacity is always acquired from regular exercise or muscle contraction; it is absurd to use drug and gene modification…” My comment: What is known about RNA-mediated events shows that the slightest Nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled exercise-induced physiques