chemical reactions

Life is energy-dependent task management

See also: Life is energy-dependent task management (2) Press Release: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016  for the design and synthesis of molecular machines Excerpt: They have developed molecules with controllable movements, which can perform a task when energy is added. My comment: When energy is added is the key to understanding healthy longevity in the context of popular information Popular information (link opens pdf) Excerpt: All chemical systems strive for equilibrium – a lower energy state – but this…

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Mutagenesis: Replacing facts with theories

Never mind the selfish gene – ribosomes are the missing link Excerpt: “All cells share three organelles, or internal structures, besides gene-containing chromosomes: ribosomes which contain the machinery for translating genetic information into the proteins that perform the cell’s work; a cell membrane that selectively permits materials in and out; and acidocalcisomes, which store and regulate the ions that drive the chemical reactions of life.” In his criticisms of my model of cell type differentiation, Andrew Jones (aka anonymous_9001 in…

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