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Kinetically Stable Thermodynamically Activated Cell Metabolism (7)

Summary: Why is anyone enrolled in a Ph.D program at CU Boulder’s Environmental Studies Program not aware of the facts of life presented in Schrodinger’s “What is Life? (1944) and during a virtual conference on Precision Medicine as Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference See for example: Aridity weakens population-level effects of multiple species interactions on Hibiscus meyeri Reported as: A classic Darwinian ecological hypothesis holds up—with a twist December 25, 2017 Darwin and others have said that…

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A mental health problem at the highest level

Investigators look for clues in deadly church shooting – news – att.net Investigators look for clues in deadly church shooting – news – att.net Todd Piro reports from Sutherland Springs, Texas. …the result of a “mental health problem at the highest level.” The mental health problem is caused by the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA, and by the ignorance of theorists who claim that mutations cause evolution. The theorists may not be intelligent enough to play the cell biology game…

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Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose (3)

See also: Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose See also: Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose (2) For succinct representations of the claims made by people who are obviously biologically uninformed, see: 7/25/13 Jay R. Feierman: Variation is not nutrient availability and the something that is doing the selecting is not the individual organism. A feature of an educated person is to realize what they do not know. Sadly, you don’t know that you have an incorrect understanding [of] Darwinian…

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RNA-mediated genetic engineering (Part 2)

WATCH: Bill Nye the Science Guy predicts end of creationism is nigh Excerpt: “Best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, the 58-year-old educator, TV personality and author lamented the lingering myth that the universe is a product of divine creation.” My comment: Evolutionary theorists have not described a biologically-based evolutionary event that links one species to the evolution of another. The myth of evolution was exposed via the fact that Richard Lenski’s bacteria and Michael Desai’s yeasts did not…

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RNA-mediated genetic engineering

Epigenetics II: Cellular Memory, Imprinting, and Targeting Genome Configuration With RNA Excerpt: “… germline-specific piRNA-targeted epigenetic control is key to understanding how life history events activate natural genetic engineering.” My comment: Researchers are not reporting the molecular epigenetics of RNA-mediated genetic engineering in the context of natural genetic engineering. Indeed, it sometimes seems that other are avoiding mention of links from RNA-mediated cell type differentiation via amino acid substitutions to nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations in species from microbes to man.…

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  • What Darwin proved: there’s no such thing as a species
    GENETICS As Animals Mingle, a Baffling Genetic Barrier A short stretch of DNA is challenging what it means to be a species. By: Emily Singer August 5, 2014 Excerpt: “Scientists have dubbed such regions of the genome “islands of speciation.” The persistence of such islands is a phenomenon that has been observed in a variety of […]
  • Randomness and Divine Providence
    A Q&A on randomness and God’s providence …the main goal is to really put together a collection of scholarly studies of these issues: physicists, biologists, […]