David Puts

Orchestrated death: J. Michael Bailey (2)

See first: Orchestrated death: J. Michael Bailey See also: microRNA More than 129,000 indexed published works link light-activated carbon fixation and God’s Creation of humidity from pH-dependent peptide synthesis at the origin of life to biophysically constrained viral latency via the physiology of reproduction in Biblical Genesis. For comparison, Bill Taverner Admin of the Sex Ed FaceBook group unsubscribed me on 10/16/21. I wrote: Now do you understand the lack of public support for sex education? No intelligent person on…

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Until death: Virus-driven failure of multisensory integration (1)

Martha McClintock‘s works inspired my works. Publication of “The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor Human Sexualty” (1995) led Denise Chen to study olfaction and pheromones. See for example: Encoding human sexual chemosensory cues in the orbitofrontal and fusiform cortices. Her student, Wen Zhou, returned to China and she is the senior author of Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception. Since 1995, all accurate representations of how foraging behavior links food odors and pheromones from feedback loops to sexual reproduction and…

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